Black System - comments please

  Bodi 09:18 23 Jun 2003

Someone has asked me to put together a black computer system for him. The specs he has given me, "2Ghz CPU, 60GB HDD, 17" Monitor, CDRW & DVD drive, ADSL modem, 64 Graphics, Sound Card, Keyboard & mouse and 512MB memory".

I've come up with the following and would appreciate any comments please. His budget is £650.00 max.

Case: ?Casetek? CK-10162B (Midi-Black) 300W PSU 043.30
M/B: Asus A7V8X-X (USB 2.0-AGP 8X) 049.93
CPU: AMD ?Athlon? XP PR2400 (OEM)* needs cooler (2000Mhz) 060.56
HS/F: ?Global Win? TAK-68 cooler* 021.57
HDD: ?Maxtor? D?Max 60GB 052.50
G/C: XFX 64MB Geforce4 MX440 (with TV-out & DVI out ? AGP8X) 039.10
S/C: Videologic Sonic Explosion 035.24
DVD: Samsung SD-616 (Black) 16X 48X 027.73
CDRW Samsung SM248 (Black) 48X 24X 48 033.29
FDD: Black floppy disk drive 010.41
MOD: Internal ?Speedcom? ADSL PCI 025.79
K/B: ?Genius? Comfy KB-06X (Model K922D009) 007.46
Mse: ?Genius? PowerScroll Black PS/2 005.79
MON: 17? CTX VL700B (0.23dp) 090.48
MEM: 512MB (1 stick) DDR 050.02
SPK: ?CREATIVE? Inspire 5.1 5100 (5 speaker system) 042.75
Total £595.92

Adding approx' £20.00 for P&P £615.92

All components from CCL Computers except Monitor.

Not sure about the PSU in the case, would rather have 350W min, and wondered if a CDRW/DVD combi would suffice, but what do you think?

  Bodi 09:26 23 Jun 2003

The format of the post is a bit muddling........

Case: Casetek CK-10162B (Midi-Black) 300W PSU £43.30

M/B: Asus A7V8X-X (USB 2.0-AGP 8X) £49.93

CPU: AMD Athlon XP PR2400 (OEM)* needs cooler (2000Mhz) £60.56

HS/F: Global Win TAK-68 cooler* £21.57

HDD: Maxtor D?Max 60GB £52.50

G/C: XFX 64MB Geforce4 MX440 (with TV-out & DVI out ? AGP8X) £39.10

S/C: Videologic Sonic Explosion £35.24

DVD: Samsung SD-616 (Black) 16X 48X £27.73

CDRW Samsung SM248 (Black) 48X 24X 48 £33.29

FDD: Black floppy disk drive £10.41

MOD: Internal ?Speedcom? ADSL PCI £25.79

K/B: Genius Comfy KB-06X (Model K922D009) £7.46

Mse: ?Genius? PowerScroll Black PS/2 £5.79

MON: 17? CTX VL700B (0.23dp) £90.48

MEM: 512MB (1 stick) DDR £50.02

SPK: CREATIVE Inspire 5.1 5100 (5 speaker system) £42.75

Total & PP £615.92

All components from CCL Computers except Monitor.

  -pops- 09:32 23 Jun 2003

Trivial comment, perhaps, but, I hope your someone is handy with the duster. Black shows up dust like you wouldn't believe.

It was a very wise man at IBM who chose "boring beige" as the standard colour for their Personal Computer.


  DieSse 09:42 23 Jun 2003

I notice no mention of a case fan, or software.

If I was building it, I would have quoted for a 2 to 2.3GHz Celeron system, for all the usual reasons about Intel processors.

  Agent Smith 09:46 23 Jun 2003

I agree with Pops. I have black scanner and have to keep dragging the wife in to clean it! Sorry dear only joking. That's tonights trip to the pub gone then.

  Bodi 09:52 23 Jun 2003

He has Windows 98se from a previous computer and yes, I had forgotten about the case fans - although I always fit them. Good thinking! Will have a look at the Celeron CPU and the boards. I use AMD - inclined to be biased that way. lol

-pops-: I expect his wife will do the dusting lol, but certainly something to think about.

Thanks both of you.


  Bodi 14:42 23 Jun 2003

We've decided on a silver case with black floppy, CDRW & DVD drives, monitor to be decided - he's not keen on the Celeron, DiesSie - don't know why.

Will post final spec when we've decided. Thanks everyone for their input - Agent Smith - er hope you get your pass.

Thanks again folk,


  sil_ver 14:54 23 Jun 2003

I think a 300W PSU will not be sufficient for the spec. I wouldn't go for less than 350W. I would also go for separate CD-RW and DVD drives as, with a dual drive if one goes kaput you're paddle-less up the proverbial creek.

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