Black screen on startup

  sleepy01 00:34 04 Nov 2008

Hi, ive a had a problem loading to the 'profile' screen on a few occasions when i turn the PC on, it stays at a black screen.
I had a problem also with a flickering screen after start up which made opening files/menus incredibly slow, tho this was intermittant and hasnt hapened for a few weeks.
The problem up till now has gone away, but im wondering what it is and if itll get worse.

Would perhaps a HD wipe and re-install of windows help or could it be hardware related?.
The PC isnt old adn i put it together myself only 6 months ago, this is the first probblem ive had with it.
Thx for the help, in advance :)

  jack 08:30 04 Nov 2008

but a monitor/cable problem.
1. Discconnect monitor data cable, inspect pins to ensure no bent ones reconnect.
Check also Power line connection.

2. Try another monitor[or take PC to another monitor]

3. Check Bios settings and for Monitor 'sleep' settings

Stand by for more suggestions before taking that final 'wipe' remedy

  sleepy01 15:30 04 Nov 2008

Hi, yes i did check the monitor. I dont think it was that because with the flickering screen it was slowing the whole PC down and i thought if the monitor was at fault the PC itself would still open/load everything fine.
Im wondering if its a HD problem, but whether its hardware related or software related is beyond my knowledge.

For the record its a Seagate 160GB HD, Mobo is an Asus P5-N and the CPU is a E8400 Dual Core. I had an 8800GT card which blew about 3 months ago and returned it as faulty which i then replaced with a cheap Radeon HD3600 series card

  sleepy01 23:34 04 Nov 2008

Had trouble again tonight, PC beeped several times at switch on instead of just the one and wouldnt do anything. Its up and running now after a few tries.
Would really appreciate some more advice on this before something goes completely. Thx

  MAT ALAN 23:41 04 Nov 2008

Bios beeps suggest your PSU is failing or your MOBO

I would swap out the PSU ( if possible) to see if it makes a difference....

  MAT ALAN 23:43 04 Nov 2008

Forgot to ask, it may be important.

how many beeps or where they continuous...

  sleepy01 23:54 04 Nov 2008

Hi Mat, the beeps were one longer beep followed by several short ones maybe 4 short beeps

  MAT ALAN 00:00 05 Nov 2008

click here

1 long several short sorta points to your VGA card...

  sleepy01 00:13 05 Nov 2008

Thx for that, tho to be sure it will need to happen again. I will open the box up tomorrow before power on and re-sit it and check all cables in PC before turning on. Hopefully i can find out the problem before it goes for good>

  sleepy01 00:19 05 Nov 2008

My next question is this, is a Pheonix-AwardBIOS a pheonix BIOS or an Award bBIOS?
Sry but this is what DXDiag has as my BIOS name :), if i know this i can tell what the beeps mean.

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