black screen problem?

  fullywired23 11:59 22 Mar 2003

I am running XP Pro with 256 ram .40gb h/d and gainward Gforce4ti4200 ultra 650 .The problem is after some problem with games not playing .we tried to install new drivers and uninstall old drivers.but have ended up with a black screen.on the P.o.s.t it see's the card and boots to the XP loading screen then goes black and then nothing .Any suggestions would be welcome


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:03 22 Mar 2003

Try starting in safe mode if there is on on xp lol dont use it remove the card in device manager and let windows redetect it then direct it to the new drivers when asked.

  fullywired23 13:43 22 Mar 2003

thanks for the reply.Tried it but it won't boot in safe mode

  Gerrycan 18:54 22 Mar 2003

do you have your xp cd? if so boot with it and do a Last good configuration .

click here:

  fullywired23 22:35 22 Mar 2003

thanks Gerrycan
Have tried "Last good config"But no joy,but the link looks promising.I'll try again tomorrow

  fullywired23 23:11 22 Mar 2003


  Gaz 25 01:03 23 Mar 2003


  fullywired23 16:45 23 Mar 2003

Thanks Gaz25
Have tried that .but still get black screen .cannot see anything to be able to repair XP

  fullywired23 19:33 23 Mar 2003


  fullywired23 18:53 24 Mar 2003


  Tjsuk11 20:09 24 Mar 2003

WAs it a new detonator driver that you downloaded. if so what version was it? I have exactly the same thing but after win xp screen monitor goes off for 10-15 seconds then comes back on at logon screen. execellent driver apart from that.
It seems to cut the time win xp logo is on the screen by a lot of time and just turns monitor off for the amount it used to show.

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