Black Screen - No signal

  Border View 08:50 12 Jul 2005

I run A five year old AMD Athlon 800; 384 RAM: 30 GB HDD OS is Windows 98SE. 19" CRT monitor

I had left the computer running (not connected to the internet) for a couple of hours but when I returned expecting to see the screen saver, the screen was black, no flashing cursor.

Tried pressing the restart button, nothing. Could hear the HDD wurring away. Switched the monitor off and on and got a flash of a message "No signal".

Switched everything off, disconnected from the mains. Then reconnected, after s brief flash of no signal, everything started to boot up as normal. OK this morning but just wondered was had happened.

Would appreciate your comments.

  BurrWalnut 08:56 12 Jul 2005

'Bad signal' message normally indicates no connection between the PC and the monitor.

Check that the connection is tight both ends.

  howard60 08:58 12 Jul 2005

it sounds to me like a hibernation problem that sometimes occurs. Right click on a blank section of the screen and properties then click on screen saver and then power. on the hibernation tab take the tick out and ok out.

  wee eddie 09:10 12 Jul 2005

Simple solution - Check all the connection, the power cable is OK.

What form of graphics are you using? If it's a card - re-seat it.

  Diemmess 10:53 12 Jul 2005

I think I remember the same bother occasionaly when I used 98SE.

Worth exploring all power/economy settings in control panel. The system can trip over itself if the various possibilities are out of sync.

A slow but sure way would be to alter settings to "Never" and then if you leave the computer alone you can turn the monitor off.

If it still works after a few hours of being abandoned, then reset the resting state to synchronise all the parts and be wary of allowing it to turn off the HD.

  Border View 11:02 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for responding. Sorry I've just come back (been a bit busy)

Shall check connections and follow howard60 advice. Shall let you know how I get on.

  Border View 11:10 12 Jul 2005

Clicked on properties > screensaver > Power Management properties > power Scheme

No mention of hibernation.

Did mention
System standby - never
Turn off monitor - never
Turn off hard drive - never

I've got a Nvidia Gforce grafics card, but the tower has not been moved for donkeys, so dont think it could have worked itself loose. Will go and push home all the wires in the back of the tower. Wonder if it could have been anything to do with it being so warm last night.

  Border View 12:48 12 Jul 2005

Think I've got it sussed. It went off pop to the black screen as I sat there. So switched everything off. Pulled the tower out and pushed all the plugs in (only the modem seemed to be not quite seated correctly because it went further in a bit). Then turned the monitor around and the cable that connects to the computer needed pushing in a fair way.

Hope that that was what the problem was.

Shall tick as resolved but if the problem persists shall come back to you.

Again thank you for responding and helping with this problem.

  Border View 13:54 12 Jul 2005

This is getting serious. Left it alone to go and have some lunch and it went off again - returned to a black screen with no cursor.

Hard drive was still wurring away to itself. Have turned the screen saver off to see if that helps. Thing is it went off itself even when I was working just before lunch.

Anymore suggestions please.

  spargo 18:27 12 Jul 2005

Can you borrow another monitor or try yours on another comp. This should tell you if its the comp or the monitor.

  wee eddie 19:20 12 Jul 2005

I believe

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