Black Screen of Death Help with PC

  Demora 22:33 23 Dec 2007


Today I played a few videos that I had converted ready to transfer to dvd the cleared the pc and went to make dinner. Walking past the PC I noticed the screen BLACK. I turned the pc off with the button as ctrl-alt-del didn't work. Now PC from H**l wont boot up at all.

I know the Hard disk is ok as I've taken the SATA cable out and using a SATA To Usb connector accessed it via my notebook, using the power supply from my main pc.

PC is a Novatech AMD Athlon 64 3500. 1Gig Ram Foxcon Winfast Motherboard and geforce f5500 ? GFX card. DVDreW and DVDRam Drives.

I haven't tried booting from cd as I thought It just night be the motherboards socket for the SATA cable as its a bit wobbly.

Any Ideas as I'm really at the end of my tether with this PC I've had it for 2 years and after 6months it has played up on a weekly basis.



  woodchip 23:03 23 Dec 2007

PSU power suppy as died

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:24 23 Dec 2007

check fuse in plug first
socket switched on
cable in PSU
psu switched on at rear
if psu fan does not run then psu dead.

  Demora 00:25 24 Dec 2007

PSU is Fine. Fans going and its powering the Hdd to my notebook. I've backed up everything so a fesh install is ok. (If I ever get it that far again)

I have checked for the usual virus/spyware/malware and other nasties. Nothing.

Over the past 18months I've had all kinds of trouble. Mainly to do with the Sata Hdd. BUT the drive works fine out of the bos. BTW the PSU is a 500watt but I can't read the make.

Temprature is running at 38 degrees or less 34 normally.


  birdface 07:24 24 Dec 2007

Have you tried last good configuration in safe mode.Or will it not boot on there either.

  Gongoozler 07:59 24 Dec 2007

Hi Demora, Does the PC boot as far as the POST beep? The fact that the fans spin only tells you that the PSU 12V is working, the PC also needs 5V and 3.3V supplies to be within spec.

  Demora 07:59 24 Dec 2007

I couldn't get that far buteman but when I reconnected the hdd back into the main pc I put the cable into the 2nd SATA socket and eventually it booted up. So I'm going to try putting it back into SATA 1 and see what happens.


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