Black screen

  didgypainter 07:14 04 Sep 2009

I know there's been numerous messages about a blank screen but mine seems a little differant so please bare with me in explaining my problem as its giving me a right old headache

My screen goes black while working on laptop it could be after 30mins or even an hour so each time it takes me by surprise! When this happens nothing works - I have to shut down by using the power button and press it again to start up. Where by I then get some wording too the effect that my laptop hasn't close down or it has close down to protect data
Then I get a count down for it to start up.

I don't know if this is relevant but..
I've done a scan to see if I have a virus (with Norton)
Gone into control panel - problem reports ( nothing shown up there?)
My defrag is done every month and my clean-up is up-to-date

My knowledge of a computer you can fit onto a postage stamp, so if I have to download something which isn't straight forward then I will have the collywobbles so please if necessarily give me a step by step guide.

A big thank you in anticipation

  didgypainter 07:19 04 Sep 2009

Sorry forgot to say My Computer is a laptop
Vista Home Premium

  didgypainter 11:47 04 Sep 2009


  Les28 11:51 04 Sep 2009

Just a couple of ideas

Did you say you'd had a look in event viewer ?

click here

to see if any problems are showing at the time of the shut downs.

How long have you had the laptop and whose make and model is it, just wondering if it's overheating, you do use it on a flat hard surface, so air can be drawn in to keep it cooled? Is this a problem that's just started recently, perhaps after installing some other software ?

Was looking at this site, where a graphics update solved the problem, I'm not suggesting this in your case but it's a thought.

click here

See if event viewer gives any clues for a start, Les.

  Les28 12:17 04 Sep 2009

If overheating was the cause the chances are that if you rebooted immediately the shutdown problem would probably happen again sooner, do you find this happens?

It could be bad motherboard capicitor or resistor that can cause these kind of shutdowns and that would need a technician to have a look at it. Let's hope it's something else.

  martjc 12:21 04 Sep 2009

...If problem continues, try a BIOS update. N.B. You absolutely [[[MMUUSSTT]]] correctly identify the motherboard and be sure you get the latest CORRECT BIOS.
You don't say what laptop you have - this would help us tremendously! Make - model no. etc.
If still no joy, try cleaning air vents and whatever you can by removing panels in the base. If you can get some compressed air in an aerosol, this would be the way to go.
Next step is to run chkdsk. This will find any easily fixable problems and repair them if used with the /f switch, so:
Hit the START globe, then type into the search box 'chkdsk /f' without the quotes.

If these things fail, we can try something else - will check back tomorrow to this thread.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 04 Sep 2009

Sounds more like its going into Hibernation or standby, go into power options and disable both and see if the problem reoccurs.

  didgypainter 19:25 04 Sep 2009

My laptop is a Toshiba vista Home premium.
Equium A210-171
Sorry for not making that clear

I've only gone into the problem Report and Solutions where nothing is showing up! I suppose that seems silly to most of you but it is the only place I new were to look.
As for checking anything else I have no idea how to do it?
I've had my laptop for 2yrs
It is used on a flat wooden table and air can circulate all the way around it.

The problem started 4 mths ago a couple times a month, then just lately the screen is going blank twice a day.
When power button is pressed to close computer down I can restart it straight a way with no problem. It happened again an hour ago but as been working fine ever since?

I haven't installed any new software

Going to the BIOS update sounds a bit scary, I'll go with Fruit Bat and try shutting down the Hibernation or standby (thingy) first .
Blimey at 62 I thought I was over getting nervous :)

Thank you again for your much needed help
Grandma Sue

  didgypainter 20:07 04 Sep 2009

I've just ran the chkdsk check to see what happens!
file system NTFS ( what ever that means)
Check file system C
634 large file system records processed
0 bad file records
0 EA records (?)
60 reparse records processed (?)
0 unindexed files processed
then it when onto Security descriptors which went by very fast but nothing showed up bad

DOES THIS LOOK OK - or was it a waste of time before i tried anything else?

  Les28 22:37 04 Sep 2009

I've just been having a look at the specification of your laptop on the Toshiba Europe site, your processor is AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-58 clock speed : 1.9 GHz

I was looking at this site about Core Temp

click here

this little utility measures the processors temperature and it supports testing your processor, just wondering if it would help to see if it is overheating that's causing your problem. Even though your processor could work with a 64 bit operating system, I think it's a 32 bit version of Vista installed on your laptop, but just to make sure there are 3 ways shown here to check under Vista

click here

just so you download the right version of Core Temp, as they offer a 32 or 64 bit version.

  Audio~~Chip 22:57 04 Sep 2009

Simple remove the Battery from the laptop for 10mins and press the power button to remove a static charge.


Check your Power Managment settings in windows

Or adapter settings in the Graphics properties in windows

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