littlestan 07:59 05 Jul 2009

Good morning gurus,

My HP lappy is taking ages to boot up. It goes to the welcome screen quick enough, i put in my password and then the screen goes black and then it can take a full 30 sec to a minute to start booting up. This morning it freeked me out because it just didn't open up at all. I switched it off and on again and then it was quite quick and was ok. I am not rolling in dosh so am loathe to send it back to HP to look at it as goodness knows what they would charge - but its up and running ok now and in fact, as I say, after I switched it off and on it booted up really quickly - but anyone know why it is taking ages to get going. Thanks LS

  ened 08:30 05 Jul 2009

Check what is trying to open at Start Up.

XP: Start - Run Type 'msconfig'

Vista: Start Type 'msconfig' in the Search box.

Once open click on Start Up and look for spurious entries.

You could even try 'Disable All'.

If this causes further problems just go back into it and enable them one at a time.

  littlestan 08:43 05 Jul 2009

thanks ened - it says normal start up and then i counted 30 ticked boxes under the start up tab - none of which seem things not used altough not sure what symac?? something or other is. I have winpatrol, avast, spybot, super anti spyware. My lappy is home premium running Vista. When i get going its fine - just slow at start up.

If i disabled everything would it mess everything up and nothing would load? Sorry - I am so very basic and not technical at all and rely on this stupid machine and get quite upset when it starts doing stuff unusual.


  ened 09:53 05 Jul 2009

In theory disabling 'All' should not stop the machine from running because the items in there will be started by Windows as and when they are requested.

Having said that I don't have much experience of Laptops.

However the very worst case scenario is that the machine will not boot at all and that is easy to overcome.

If you are unsure about any items (ie symac - which is possibly something to do with Norton)type them into Google and you will find out what they are.

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