Black Screen..

  swanny2 15:04 29 Sep 2004

Hi there Hope some 1 can help me here plz..
im running windows Me..Prob is when i go too restart me pc or say after a update where it says you now need to restart ure pc..all i get is a black screen with a flashing white underscore on me screen and its all froze.i cant even press alt ctrl del.i have turn off the power. help needed plz..ty..

  Noelg23 15:06 29 Sep 2004

well looks like you got the worst of the bunch there cos people will tell you that Win Me is the worst OS ever made by be honest I dont think I can help you but say it would be best to get a different OS like Win98SE or Win XP...but I am sure there is someone out there who can help you..

  SEASHANTY 17:31 29 Sep 2004

Dont know what the problem is but you do not have to
restart your PC after every update. You can leave things as they are and continue using your PC. When
you switch it off and leave it until you need it again - then when you restart it next time the updates will be installed.

  wee eddie 17:51 29 Sep 2004

Ignore what they have said, while ME is much derided, I know many people that have been happily using it for years without problem.

There are those here who know exactly what to do and will tell you. Just wait a while

If you are in possession of your instruction leaflet, it should tell you what to type at the C_ prompt. It used to be WIN then press Carriage Return but that was W95, so it's bound to have changed.

  JonnyTub 18:01 29 Sep 2004

you should restart in safe mode by pressing f8 during startup (as soon as you switch on) and choosing safe mode from the list, when and hopefully if your pc starts you should do a system restore to before the updates, when you've done this go back to the update site and look to see once microsoft have scanned your machine for updates if there are any driver updates, if there is, leave them alone as this is probably the cause of your problem.

  swanny2 19:33 29 Sep 2004

ok johhny ty i tried the safe mode as i say ima novice but got there,any way tried a restore back a week as thats all i could go back it wouldnt let me change the month..after idid that it restarted ok but the restore didnt happen?.now im back too square 1 still a black frozen screen on restart,it doesnt happen tho if i shutdown.. ty 4 ure help any way.:O)¬~~~

  JonnyTub 19:56 29 Sep 2004

ok press f8 when your starting up again and you should get an option labelled "last known good configuration" give that a go.

  swanny2 20:33 29 Sep 2004

johnny i went there mate confirmation but ive no idea what im suppose do when it says things like ..make a start up log etc i dont know whether answer yes/no so i never did it lol dont wanna make me pc worse.. lol

  JonnyTub 22:06 29 Sep 2004

you should press ok for a start up log to be created. if the pc won't revert to last known configuration try this,

press f8 when your starting up (again) choose the command prompt option and let the pc boot to a command prompt, type:

scanreg /restore

note the space between scanreg and /

  swanny2 22:56 29 Sep 2004

sorry mate but when i press f8 all i get is somethinglike isf driver? i clicked on the rest configuration an a whole list came up i answered yes too all .... then clicked boot log whatever that is .still black screen an froze grrrr...ah well im on windows Me..i no idea what ive done .maybe time 4 the bin .lol
ty any way for tryin help ..:O)¬~

  JonnyTub 22:58 29 Sep 2004

i'm stumped, anyone else with an offering?

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