Black pop up screen at start up (TEMPCH~1.EXE)

  bluemoon69 23:14 27 Aug 2009

Hi all and thanks in advance.
My mum bought a new laptop about a month ago and has just decided to go onto the net.
The first time she did it activated McAfee which she decided to go with, but ever since on start up this BLACK BOX POPS UP its path is-


This has me well stumped and in need of help. Have performed a virus scan and nothing also found the file in regestry and deleted it but it keeps on poping up at start up.

Please any help would be most appreciated.
Many, many thanks.

Oh she is running Vista home premium. Cheers.

  ashleycardwell94 00:40 28 Aug 2009

is this before or after you lon on and what does it look like

  Les28 08:38 28 Aug 2009

It sounds like you have already done some searching about this problem, with you mentioning deleting a registry entry?
Was it a registry entry you deleted or a startup entry in msconfig?
The only thing I could find online was this recent item about the same kind and location problem.

click here

I'm not suggesting you follow the advice given regards deleting items, but maybe it will help you to locate the item, you may have to make hidden files and folders visible to view some of these locations, you may also have to untick Hide protected operating system files, if it's ticked

click here

As ashleycardwell94 asked, is this before or after you log on?

I had a pop up I had to clear one time but it was at desktop when windows had loaded, I had to delete it from inside the C Windows Prefetch folder.

Might be no harm in running Vistas disk clean up tool in the meantime,

click here

however I think I'd wait for other Forum members to give their advice first on deleting other things, Les.

  woodchip 09:32 28 Aug 2009

I think this is your Problem

click here

  woodchip 09:33 28 Aug 2009
  Les28 09:59 28 Aug 2009

I meant to add to get the Run box in Vista to perhaps have a look to see if the problem file is in temp, %temp% or prefetch as in the first link I sent, you may need to use the windows key and r key all explained here

click here

  sonyboy 09:59 28 Aug 2009

This link may help too here

  bluemoon69 19:18 28 Aug 2009

@ ashleycardwell94
It happens after she logs on and windows has loaded.

@ Les28
I deleted from the registry and it does not show up in temp. Sorry but what is Prefetch?

Thanks all.

Sorry she has just told me that she was on the lapy earlier and deleted some of her games she had on there. It has now stoped popping up....ummm but even though it has stoped coming up i still have a feeling that all may not be well, strange.
Any advice on what you think i should do now, cheers people for all your time and help.

  bluemoon69 18:13 29 Aug 2009

Hi all,
Does anybody have any idea on my latest post above.
Cheers everybody.

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