Black icons and blue screen

  lahorie 14:34 20 Mar 2003

Help please.

The icons on my desktop suddenly seem to have a mind of their own, for some reason they like to become black squares, all of them, and my screen goes a light shade of blue. When i click on anything, i get these funny black or white arrows, then everything goes haywire. I've used virus checker (mcafee), system is clean. What else could be wrong??

Win 98 se, hercules gtsII 64 mb graphics, Iiyama vision master pro 450 monitor, 256 mb ram.

Awaiting any reply


  farnaby 15:08 20 Mar 2003

To fill us in with a little more background to your problem .. which sounds desperately like a video graphics refresh/config problem.
1. How long after reboot before your desktop "suddenly has a mind" of its own?
2. Have you installed anything recently (a program application - like a game?) which may changed your display settings perhaps?

  farnaby 18:10 20 Mar 2003

Hmmm! .. it sounds to me like its a "system resource" problem (sometimes refered to as "memory leak"), rather than a video config problem.
This can cause the icons to display as black squares etc., because your system is very low on available memory.
A memory leak is caused by faulty programming - a Windows application is supposed to surrender the resources it's been using (namely, RAM), when shut down. However, badly written programs may not release all the memory they should, leaving less memory for other programs.
The only way to recover the lost memory is to exit Windows and reboot the PC.

To remedy a memory leak is try finding the culprit. When you first start your PC, check the amount of free resources. Compare the available free resoures before and after opening and closing an application. If the available resources do not return to the original value, the program you just closed is probably the culprit. To fix the memory leak, you will need to download patches or updates from the program's manufacturer.

For additional information search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for things like “not enough memory” or "Out of memory" or "not display completely" or "insufficient resources".


You said in reply :

Normally about 10 to 15 minutes in, although, really, it sometimes has occured at bootup, or it occurs after an hour or so. I guess the answer is anytime.

No, i haven't installed any games etc or software.



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