Black Hawk SoundMAX - Help setting up recording

  six-h 01:34 23 Dec 2008

I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1, and have an Asus P5Q3 motherboard.
The only options I get in either the soundMAX control panel, or the Windows "Sound" control panel is : -
"Line in" (enabled), and "Microphone" (disabled)
No "sound card" option which I think I had on my old system.
I don't yet have a mic, so don't need that enabled, but I would like to be able to record sound clips from the web, or other sources that I can hear.
I've tried recording using Windows recorder, but it only seems to hear silence!
With my old PC, running XP, I had managed to achieve this, but there don't seem to be the options available with this setup and I would like to get it working before downloading Audacity, or wavelab lite.
Guidance appreciated.

  MCE2K5 03:05 23 Dec 2008

Try this, enable Stereo Mix
Step 3. Right click in the 'blank area' and select Show Disabled Devices. click here

  six-h 03:35 23 Dec 2008

What would I do without you!
I am constantly in awe of your knowledge and expertise.
Job done!
I'll have a play with the levels tomorrow.

Just had one of those "Hackle raising moments", I was intending to switch off and go to bed but omitted to select "Shut Down" from the list, and conscequently put my PC to "Sleep".
Couldn't get it to wake up again no matter what I did!
Had to do a hard shutdown, and didn't like it at all!!
Hope I've not done any damage, 'cos it's working nicely at the mo.

How do you recover from "Sleep"??

  MCE2K5 03:53 23 Dec 2008

Tap the Left Mouse Button TWICE.

  MCE2K5 04:02 23 Dec 2008

just press the power button on your PC.

  six-h 04:09 23 Dec 2008

Hmmm...I think I tapped it about a dozen times! AND the right, AND the scroll wheel, then the space bar, and "Esc"..before finally admitting defeat!

Don't intend putting it to the test, but I'll write that down!
Just in case I cut myself off from the world over Christmas!!

Thanks again for your excellent help tonight, Might try downloading Audacity tomorrow, though it "disabled" both my optical drives when I last tried to use it on my old PC.
I've transferred both those drives to this new PC and I hope the updated drivers that Vista found for them will have put a stop to that....
we'll see!!

  MCE2K5 04:12 23 Dec 2008

Mouse taps, Setting in BIOS on mine.

  six-h 04:23 23 Dec 2008

Just lost the whole of my reply, 'cos I refreshed the screen!!
In short, pressing the power button also had no effect, except when I gave it a prolonged "prod", and it did a hard shut-down.
It wasn't happy!
on re-booting, all I got was a black screen with the password window, but I wasn't permitted to type in it!!
It must have just been a bit sleepy, 'cos after a few minutes, the background apeared, and I was able to log-in.
It was still a bit turgid for a few minutes though but I think it's OK now(hopes!)
I'll remember that though, in case I do it again in error.
Won't try it now, in case I upset it and lose contact with the world over Christmas!!

  six-h 04:28 23 Dec 2008

Presume you mean that you can select your own prefered method of poking it awake again.
If so, what would be the "default" wake-up call??

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