Black email text screen ? Partially blind person.

  Derek 08:05 12 Apr 2005

A dear friend who is partially blind has a PC setup with very large white font on a black screen, this helps her with reading and production.
Unfortuneatly something has gone slightly wrong when she now sends out emails.
The emails I receive have just the text area totally black either with no text or a little amount of text in unreadable dark blue.

Your advice would be appreciated.

  jack 08:38 12 Apr 2005

If you are certain that it is her sending that has screwed up as opposed to your receiving- have you tried fiddling with your controls?
Then this specialist software may need the aid of a user in a similar plight- How about doing a google for the RNIB to see if they have a help desk of some sort?

  Taff36 08:40 12 Apr 2005

Were the e-mails received by you OK previously? If so Her default fonts and colours have changed and need to be set up again. Post back for instructions.

  Taff36 10:59 12 Apr 2005

In Outlook Express go to Tools>Options and then the compose tab. Originally this was probably set up in “Stationery” so make a note of which stationery is currently being used and by clicking on the select button right of the box, note what`s available. Any obvious candidiates for the correct stationery?

If not we`ll set it up from scratch. Try this. Tick the mail box and then select. Along the bottom row select “create new”. The stationery wizard pops up so press next. Put a tick in the picture box and from the drop down menu select “Blank Bkgrd.gif” (If this one isn`t there choose any suitable on and continue) Further down this page tick the colour box and from the drop down box select black.

Click next and then select from the drop down boxes a font (Arial is a good one), a size (Try 24 for a start) and then choose white as the font colour. Next – Leave margins at 0 for each of the borders. The type a name for the scheme and click finish. Select your new stationery and click apply then OK to close down the stationery dialog boxes.

Go to send new mail and see if this works by creating a new mail message but instead of sending it – go to file save. (This will save a copy in your Drafts folder) Close the message, go to the drafts folder and then double click the message to view it. If it looks Ok send it in the normal way.

There are different font settings for Reading messages and these can be found under Tools>Options> Read tab – but I don`t think this is relevant to your enquiry. Please note that I don`t have Accessibility options loaded onto my computer which may have slightly different (and probably better) options for you but the above works.

  Derek 14:07 12 Apr 2005

Many thanks Taff for your in-depth reply.
Until recently, all emails arriving have been Ok so indeed it is a localised problem for her.
I will read your in-depth reply and take an approriate action.

Again my thanks DM.

  Wak 19:12 13 Apr 2005

Hi Derek, Is it possible that your friend has just accidentally altered the colour and size of the font on her machine??
If she still has a black background when she starts to type the message, ask her to click on the large A which comes after the B, I and U on the Format menu just above the message area. A drop down menu will let her change the colour of the font from Dark blue to WHITE by clicking on the white panel at the bottom.
The size of the font can also be enlarged on the same line.
Hope this helps.

  Wak 19:22 13 Apr 2005

I've also just noticed that you can get a black background in Outlook Express by going to Create Mail/ Format/ Background/ Colour and select BLACK from the drop-down menu.
It's surprising what you find when someone else draws your attention to it.

  Taff36 21:27 13 Apr 2005

I draw your attention to the fact that she is blind. Please read the threads from start to finish before you jump in. How is she going to see the screen to make your alterations! doh!

Taff36 (:-)))

  Taff36 21:29 13 Apr 2005

Partially Blind. Perhaps I jumped in there!

  Derek 01:58 14 Apr 2005

Thank you both Taff36 and Wac.
Due to your imput the problem is resolved. It's so nice to feel that there is so much assistance out there. Again many thanks. DM

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