Black cartridge faulty?

  Ellie3009 15:02 08 Aug 2004

I have just installed a new (recycled) black cartridge in my printer, HP deskjet 940c

However, it isn't printing properly, the printouts are very faint and have streaky lines all over them even in 'best' quality mode.

So far i have tried:
aligning the cartridges
cleaning the cartridge using the HP toolbox program.
cleaning the cartridge manually with cotton bud

There is in the cartridge, but I am mystified as to why it won't work...

Can anyone suggest a solution or should I give up on it as a dud cartridge? (reluctant to do this because i bought it as a spare too long ago to send back.)
Thanks :o)

  alan227 15:31 08 Aug 2004

I refill all my cartridges for my 950c but after 5 or 6 fills I get the same problem you have just described so it looks like you will have to put it down to experience.

  spuds 15:47 08 Aug 2004

Ellie3009..If you purchased the cartridge from a good supplier, they may offer further advice or a replacement.Worth the phone call perhaps!.

  oldal 15:57 08 Aug 2004

Its just possible that if the cartridge has been stored upside-down for a long time that it has developed an air lock. Leave it installed overnight and then try again. This has worked with a duff cartridge my printer ( an Epson).
I assume you have removed the sealer on the cartridge !!

  spuds 16:28 08 Aug 2004

You could check for possible answers here click here This site also covers refilling and other advice, well worth a browse.

  Ellie3009 17:26 08 Aug 2004

An airlock... i never thought of that!!!

I will try leaving it until the morning and hoping, and having a browe around the site you linked spuds.

Thanks for the suggestions. If anyone has any more, feel free to add them! :o)

  fullyfitted 17:32 08 Aug 2004

coincidence or what but I've got the same problem since changing the cartridge last night. My printer is an epson 700 and I've e-mailed Choice Stationers (the supplier) to see if they have any suggestions or advice. If I get a reply I will pass it on.

  Ellie3009 17:33 08 Aug 2004

THought I would post this from Supds' link as picturing it made me laugh!

Solution to an airlock...

Wrap the cartridge in a towel or cloth. Place the cloth wrapped cartridge in a plastic bag, (a plastic "grocery" bag is good). Hold it in your hand with the head or exit ports pointing down. Extend your arm and swing the cartridge down towards the floor rapidly, sorta like you were going to throw it.

hmm, shall I try it or not...

  Ellie3009 20:59 08 Aug 2004

Well I never would have believed it....

As a last resort I tried putting the cartridge in a bag and swinging it around, feeling a total fool.

ANd its only gone and worked! One duff cartridge is now one fully working cartridge. And I can't stop laughing!

So thanks to Spud for that invaluable link, you saved me buying a new one!

  spuds 21:20 08 Aug 2004

Ellie3009..Even the strangest things, sometimes work. Glad to be of help.

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