Black bezel for dvd writer

  Tony275 12:14 13 Jan 2006

Does anyone have a clue as to where i might be able to buy a black bezel for a LG GSA-4163B DVD+R DL 16X DL 40x24x40x16x / IDE / Intern.

I've googled and googled but not found one,Just my luck that they now sell them with a black bezel, I only bought it 3 months ago and it works great, but i've just put it into a system i've built myself and it just looks a bit out of place in a black case.

Thanks Inadvance Tony

  Totally-braindead 12:46 13 Jan 2006

I haven't seen them sold seperatly anywhere, the only suggestion I can offer is try emailing LG and see if they can help. If the front of your tray on your writer is all one unit as mine is then you can't replace it anyway, the ones which can be replaced have the front door as it were as being removeable. If this is not the case then the choices are buy a new writer or a new PC case which includes removable covers, which then cover the old tray. I have one here from my new computer and its no use to me as I have black drives. If you want it email me using the box next to my name and I'll send it to you, you should be able to get it to fit but you may have to superglue it on the front of your case.

  Tony275 12:58 13 Jan 2006

Thanks Totally-braindead

  beynac 13:24 13 Jan 2006

I had the same problem. I ended up painting it. I used Humbrol enamel no. 33 matt. It worked fine, but you obviously have to be very careful not to get the paint in the works.

  Tony275 13:29 13 Jan 2006

LOL Thnx beynac but I don't think my hands are steady enough for that idea.


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