Bizarre Uploading Problem (Boxnet)

  stewyj 11:31 30 Aug 2008

I've been uploading mp3s to the data storage site Boxnet for over a year. I have a weird problem at the moment where on playback the sound is skittering all over the place - broken up audio - and it seems to be only from MY uploads (I've asked some friends to upload from their machines and theirs are ok.) I've run a virus check: clean. Installed the latest Java. Cleared temp files and cookies. I KNOW the encoding bit-rate is correct (44100hz, 128kbs). I convert wavs to mp3s using Adobe Audition.I have screenshots showing the conversion but I don't know how to post them on this Forum. I'm tearing my hair out here!!

Can anyone help?
Yours in desperation,
S. Jones (UK)

  brundle 11:45 30 Aug 2008

You mean you download an entire file then play it, or stream a file?

  stewyj 12:01 30 Aug 2008

I mean if I UPLOAD a file (mp3 FROM my PC TO the data storage website) when I play it back (on the web page) it skitters; if I then DOWNLOAD the same file BACK to my PC (as a test)and PLAY it (in WinAmp)it still skitters crazily
(although it was fine BEFORE I uploaded it to Boxnet!).
I've just downloaded one of the test files a pal put on there,(which DOES NOT have the crap sound) retitled it slightly and RE-UPLOADED it to Boxnet - and NOW it has the skittering problem.


Thanks for your interest, Brundle, it's damned good of you.

  brundle 12:57 30 Aug 2008

You might want to check the original and the uploaded/re-downloaded file with something like DoubleKiller to see if the contents of the file are changed by the process. click here

I use myself for storing course-work, I'd be pretty er..disappointed shall we say if files were being changed and made un-useable after uploading...

  stewyj 19:02 30 Aug 2008


thanks again for your time on this.I'll look into DoubleKiller, although a friend who knows about these things is confident it won't solve the problem.
I just tried upping a track into a different Boxnet page and had the same problem.

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