Bittorrent illegal or not

  Mark McC 13:04 03 Mar 2007

hello, my friend was asking me if he downloads tv shows i.e family guy is it illegal i didnt know the answer to this all i knew if that if you download music albums or films or software its illegal but tv shows... i wasnt to sure..

any suggestions


  birdface 13:11 03 Mar 2007

Loads of folk that are not going to be home in time to watch there favorite programs will tape them and watch them when they have free time.So I can only think that it is for your own use it should be ok,If you were going to sell them,then I think it would be illegal then.

  mattyc_92 13:24 03 Mar 2007

Technically speaking recording your programs using a VCR is illegal (although this is not enforced)
Also, walking out the room when the advertisements are on is also illegal (as the adverts are how the TV Channel gets their money back), but obviously no Judge in their right mind would punish you for this.

Downloading TV programs from the internet is also the same. Although, this is more 'enforced' (so you can get fined, or even arrested for this, thus making this topic a 'no no' on this forum - against forum rules).

So to answer your question, YES it is illegal

  mattyc_92 13:26 03 Mar 2007

'BitTorrent' is not illegal, just the way it can be used is illegal

  Technotiger 14:45 03 Mar 2007

Unlike other popular P2P clients like Kazaa and LimeWire, which require downloading files from specific users, BitTorrent spreads out the transfer work. Users automatically share with other users the pieces of files that they've downloaded, making large transfers much more efficient. Because BitTorrent is open-source, other clients like BitComet have also become extremely popular, and BitTorrent support was added to the alternative browser Opera.

Rather than seek legal action against BitTorrent, several major motion-picture studios took a look at the success of iTunes and struck an agreement to offer digital content legally. Today, the results of that cooperation went live with the launch of the BitTorrent Entertainment Network, which sells movies, TV shows, music, and games online using the BitTorrent client. More interestingly, it also lets users upload their own content for sale on the site.

  Meshuga 15:28 03 Mar 2007

mattyc_92. " walking out of the room while the adverts are on is also illegal". Where on earth did you get that crazy idea from.

  mattyc_92 15:55 03 Mar 2007

An artical a few years ago.
I know.... That was my response, but it is apparently a real thing. Skipping the advertisements (either by walking out of the room, or doing something else while you wait) is apparently against some silly 'Term & Condition'

Not many people know about it, and even less actually care!!

  Meshuga 16:24 03 Mar 2007

mattyc_92. I still say it`s rubbish, nobody can tell you that you are breaking any law by getting up and going to the toilet or making a cup of tea in your own home. To be illegal it has to be on the statute book having been passed by the government and if it is just in a companies terms and conditions then it is covered by the "unfair conditions regulation" It is covered under the heading of B******t, chapter 9, paragraph 6.

  theDarkness 18:04 03 Mar 2007

generally speaking, downloading tv programs is taken in the same light as downloading movies and music by the companies that own the rights-as illegal. wherever theres money to be made..

however.. just about everybody and their dog that has a fast internet connection downloads either music,movies and/or tv programmes, so the tv/music companies would take a billion years to sue everybody that did it. It is mainly only acted upon by law you decide to SHARE these files, either physically (as in proper piracy selling from your local car boot sale!) or through the internet, for a price. downloading brand new music that is not out yet can also be acted upon, although poor pirate quality movies from the cinema are generally not.

recording tv shows off the internet is probably the most debatable issue by law, since you can do it through a regular tv set-after all, how many people record tv progs using their vcr or dvd player and sell pirate copies? hardly any. some of the more trustworthy websites that offer downloadable tv programmes such as uknova will take tv shows off the site as soon as they become available on the high st on dvd. many people that download from the internet will STILL buy the tv programme when it comes out on dvd-the real fans!

recording from tv using a VCR has never been illegal- its accepted as part of the whole tv license deal.

  2neat 18:13 03 Mar 2007

oh dear, they will be after me! I record all shows on sky+ and fast forward all adverts. Takes about 6 seconds. Shows like 24 would be ruined if I had to watch the adverts.
The advertising comps are getting worried by this!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:18 03 Mar 2007

click here 'so the tv/music companies would take a billion years to sue everybody that did it'..they are already starting in The States with students.


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