The Sheep 10:19 17 Nov 2005

Hi all. Can anyone tell me where I can get tutorials or info on using BiTtorrent (the website isnt particulalry helpfull).

I downloaded the software but to be honest I am kind unsure what to do now?

thanks in advance.

  BH34 10:21 17 Nov 2005
  ACOLYTE 10:21 17 Nov 2005

Why did you download it? for what reason did you intend to use it?,you must have downloaded it for somthing.

  The Sheep 12:03 17 Nov 2005

why does it matter what i downloaded it for? My request was for info on how to actually operate it. Not looking for a discussion regarding piracy etc (which i suspect you were tryin to pull me into.). Thanks BH34 :)

  ACOLYTE 12:09 17 Nov 2005

Not at all,i was asking because when you download somthing you have an idea (or should have) what you want to do with it,i am not interested what you download with it thats up to you,i was trying to get more info to be able to help you solve the problem,if you have to be so paranoid about it thats your problem.

  The Sheep 12:14 17 Nov 2005

ACOLYTE, please accept my apologies. The reason my reaction was like that was that when searching through previous posts on this subject I found that many repsonses were along the lines of 'why do you want to use it', piracy is illegal' etc, etc and not a lot of them really answered the questions being asked.

To be honest I havent really got anything specific i want to download at the moment (lol....partly cos i dont know how to work the thing). Its just that when i downloaded BotTorrent i suppose i expected to see something similar to Kazaa or the likes. What i got i didnt have a clue what to do with!

Anyway, again, please accept my apologies and thanks for taking the time to reply twice. Its aprecaitted :)

  ACOLYTE 12:32 17 Nov 2005

No problem sir ))

  The Sheep 17:03 17 Nov 2005

can anyone suggest a good (frequently visited) BitTorrent forum?

  handful 17:39 17 Nov 2005
  handful 17:42 17 Nov 2005 on the forum link at the top!

  dogbreath1 17:51 17 Nov 2005

This is one that I've referred to in the past. click here

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