Bit torrent

  Ade_1 21:41 18 Mar 2006

I was wondering if using Bit torrent was legal or illegal as i saw it came with another pc magazine and i was slightly unsure whethear to use it or not...

  CurlyWhirly 21:51 18 Mar 2006

I think that Bit Torrent itself is LEGAL it's only if you download copyrighted material that it's ILLEGAL.

  Ade_1 22:00 18 Mar 2006

ah right i see, i wondered, so really its probably going to be pointless using it

  wbiggchiefy 22:08 18 Mar 2006

Just to clarify and concur with what CurlyWhurly says it is legal to use but if you do not wish to infringe the law in any way shape or form you must not download anything which is copyrighted .
You will however find with some of these sites thay all copyright protection has been removed from media that you would wish to download - this does NOT make it alright in the eyes of the law and you could actualy be prosecuted for having any such media on your PC - this is however unlikely as the authorities are presently after the big "sharers" - if you do have any media you suspect may be copyright protected then delete it if you do not hold the licence.
I think this is the only sensible answer.

(and NO I am NOT an Inland Revenue Inspector)

  Ade_1 22:11 18 Mar 2006

Thanks, i had a feeling but thought it was better to ask than jump in with 2 feet

  ACOLYTE 22:17 18 Mar 2006

Bittorent is a legal app,but as its a shareware/download app there isnt much to do with it except download and most stuff will have a copyright,so its a catch 22 situation install it and dont use it,or install and use and maybe end up breaking some law.I think most people will use the app and take the chance,the choice as they say is yours.

  Ade_1 22:19 18 Mar 2006

i think i knwo what i am doing, which is Not using it

  octal 22:57 18 Mar 2006

One of the uses of BitTorrent are for downloading Linux operating systems, some of them are free and they advocate using BitTorrent to keep costs down, Xandros are one company who suggest this method.

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