A bit scared of getting broadband

  Nuneatonian 21:18 12 Aug 2006

Hi all
I have been thinking of getting broadband but have been horrified of all the problems people have had with it and setting things up.
The connection business seems a bit tricky. We have two telephone sockets. One downstairs, and one upstairs, they share the same line. On this same line we have two sky boxes (multi- room) sky+ downstairs and normal sky box upstairs. The socket upstairs has the sky box and the telephone connected with a double adapter. Downstairs, the socket has a double adapter the phone, and an extension lead is fitted, and then my computer and sky box connection in another. Its all on the one line. How would I sort out all this in order to receive broadband? Its quite a nightmare to think of it!! I know there are these filters where would I put these with so many things connected?

  Altruist 21:28 12 Aug 2006

it's quite simple if you follow the instructions as given by your ISP and, although I haven't any Sky boxes I have the filters on each of my telephone extensions (2 like you) so I would just put each of your double extension sockets into a filter. If this is incorrect I'm sure someone else will correct me.

  Stuartli 21:33 12 Aug 2006

There's nothing to worry about...:-)

Your downstairs connection (presumably the Master Socket) is the one to use.

Providing you first insert a splitter (i.e. the filter that separates the narrowband voice signal from the broadband signal) into the Msster Socket first and then connect your broadband's ADSL lead into its socket and run it direct to the computer's modem, plus the phone line into the other socket) yo will be fine.

You also, of course, have to fit splitters to all other equipment including Sky boxes, fax machines etc.

Providing you fit it into a splitter inserted directly into the phone socket, you can use a phone adapter as usual, whether it had two, three or four phone outlets.

It's always best to run the ADSL data lead direct from the Master Socket's splitter and not a phone extension cable.

If you prefer, you could fit a Master Socket that is already filtered, although all the other sockets would still require a splitter. See:

click here

a website that also contains useful information about broadband setup.

  Nuneatonian 11:03 13 Aug 2006

Hi there
thank you for your replies.
Regarding the Master socket. I am not sure which one is the main one. When we had our socond socket fitted upstairs I am not sure if the engineer told me that the Master was now upstairs. Is there a way of finding out? If it is, it could be a problem because my computer is downstairs on an extension. I just haven't the room to move the computer and the desk to somewhere else.

  Mongoose132 12:06 13 Aug 2006

Plug your phone and your modem into the fllter then plug the filter into the BT socket in the room where the PC is.The lead into your sky boxes plug into the filter,then into the socket.It is nothing to be afraid of,but everything must have a filter.I forgot about my Skybox and had a problem with dropped connections.You can use double split outlets to go in diffrerent directions providing you remember to filter EVERYTHING.

  Gongoozler 12:20 13 Aug 2006

This site has loads of information about everything ADSL, including a wiring guide click here. Previous posters have given you the most important advice - a filter for EVERYTHING. Remember that although you have seen several threads here from people who have had problems, you won't see any posts from the thousands who have had none. When everything goes well, the setup is so simple that even the least techie person can get broadband working without any trouble. Just occasionally there is a fault in the telephone system, possibly damp in the outside connection box, or a wiring fault elsewhere in the telephone system between the user and the exchange, but these are BTs responsibility.

  Forum Editor 12:48 13 Aug 2006

ADSL is about the simplest thing to configure, and I'm sure you'll have no problem with it.

Make sure you have a microfilter plugged into every telephone socket in the house, as Mongoose132 has said, and everything will be fine.

  Greengage 13:00 13 Aug 2006

Just as a slight aside please, would not having a splitter on the Sky Box interfere with the actual TV picture received from Sky? I mention this as my sister-in-law has been receiving a deteriorating TV picture ( it's hardly viewable) which I have put down to the aerial set-up and this probably needs attention. However, this problem has been around since roughly the time she changed ISP from AOL to BT and it is possible that somehow the Sky splitter didn't get replaced. I have not checked with her yet.

  961 13:55 13 Aug 2006

The splitter won't affect the tv signal. It only allows the phone connection to the sky box to operate with broadband enabled phone lines

If your sister has a problem with the quality of the sky picture it is most likely due to a movement of the dish caused by high winds or water in the down cable. She needs to get sky or a local aerial contractor to check

  Greengage 19:08 13 Aug 2006

Thank you 961.

  Mongoose132 15:48 14 Aug 2006

You must not confuse splitters and filters.One splits the signal(divides it in two),the other filters it(allows one frequency to pass while blocking another).

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