Bit Defender Wont Let Me Receive Email !

  hawthorn59 14:40 10 Jan 2007

Hi All

After much reviewing and asking questiions i purchased Bit Defender Anti Virus v 10 as it got very good reviews. All was well until about a week ago I started having trouble with my email. All messages wouldnt come through, and it cut me off immediately. Someone suggested i check the "hang up after receiving email" box and sure enough it was ticked, though I never did that.

Then no email would come through at all! i have 3 accounts and the all "failed". Im using OE and Firefox. I couldnt send email either.

Finally after trying to get through for 3 days, I managed to contact my ISP helpline. The very helpful gut in IOL tried everything and went into dos and pinged etc etc. I hadnt much notion what he was doing, but anyway he told me something was disconnecting me, as he could connect to my account no problem. He suspected anti virus.

So I uninstalled it and loaded on Avast from a disc, and the email works perfectly. Not alone that but I imagine the pc is running a bit faster, maybe Im paranoid!

Anyone any exoerience of this with Bit Defender?

And I think I'll stay with Avast, whats your opinions on it?

Thanks folks


  Jackcoms 14:54 10 Jan 2007

"And I think I'll stay with Avast, whats your opinions on it?"

Dog's dangly bits

  hawthorn59 03:45 11 Jan 2007

meaning....? sorry if i cant decipher that, i would imagine its not good.....whats best so??

  baldtaco 08:05 11 Jan 2007


"i would imagine its not good"

To the contrary, I'm certain it is code for "pleasing" - as in: "Dogs find their clutter a delight".

Anyway, Avast is good kit. It would be my preferred free AV.

  hawthorn59 10:11 11 Jan 2007

That'll tell you my knowledge of slang! I read on another thread though about it possibly throwing up some false positives? And Jackoms gavve me a link to google search about that very virus where some of the results said that. Im confused! Is it dangerous to remove it? If I move it to the chest is that enough?


  Belatucadrus 10:53 11 Jan 2007

Most good anti virus products use heuristics in addition to virus signatures. Heuristics in Anti Virus is a system that looks for virus like activity without relying on the program having found a specific known virus from the signature database. This gives it a chance of protecting a PC in the gap between the release of a new virus and the issuing of the AV signature relevant to it by the AV company. Some heuristic systems are better than others, but as they are somewhat predictive, all heuristics have the potential for false positives, it is however very rare.
I've been using avast! ever since version 4 was released and the only warnings I've had from it are on some HTML mail circulars from Wanadoo/Orange. Other than that it's been near faultless, so in my opinion your better off trusting it than trying to second guess it.
It's safe enough to leave stuff in the virus vault if you want, once in the vault they can't do anything. That way you have the potential to reinstall the file in the unlikely event that it was a false positive. You could then empty the vault after a couple of weeks when you feel confident there's nothing there you want to keep.
avast! is ICSA rated and gets a very good 100% rating at VirusBulletin, it is a top rate commercial product, that just happens to offer a free version to non profit home users.

  hawthorn59 02:22 13 Jan 2007

Thank you for that. Actually I like it a lot, have it just a few days. One thing I notice is a few times each day the shield tells me Im under attack, and rejects whatever it is. Is this a firewall, and do I then not need a seperate firewall like kerio?

Again, Im very happy with avast.


  Belatucadrus 11:03 13 Jan 2007

I suspect that you're referring to the Web Shield reports in the On Access protection, it's not the same as a firewall so don't go without. To be honest I find the warnings a complete waste of time, so I selected "Silent mode", it just lets avast! do its thing in the background without prompting you with warnings you don't need.

  baldtaco 14:58 13 Jan 2007

thehill, hey

This firewall is very good. I had it running faultlessly with Avast. You'd have to pay to best it. They've a good forum too, and attentive project leadership. click here

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