BIOS/XP Not displaying correct RAM ammount.

  X™ 16:22 07 Dec 2007

Ho, I've got a socket 370 800MHZ PIII which I use for simple sutff.

I have placed a 128MB and a 512MB stick in there, totalling 640MB.However the BIOS and XP only displayed 378MB. Why?

The other day it was only displaying 128ish MB, so I pulled out the 128 stick and just left the 512MB in there. I started it up and the system just beeped. I pulled out the other stick and cleaned it with a pencil eraser and now it's fine.

It normally operates at 512MB, but not on this PC.

Why? I've tryed and set the Graphics to 4MB and disabled onboard audio.

The 512MB is in DIMM1, changing it to DIMM2 makes it go to an even less ammount.

Any ideas, as I want to nuy a 1.3GHZ CPU and overclock it to 1.6, which I have read how to do, and have done before.

Thank you.

  dan111 18:08 07 Dec 2007

It could depend on the limitations of your motherboard. Do you know what the make and model is?

Or it could be incompatibilities with the ram. have you got the code numbers for both sticks and also are they both ouble sided or isone or both single sided?

Or it could be that your computer just accepts 32M memory and the 512Mb dimm could be 64M. If that is the case, it will show just half of the total ammount.

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