bios woe

  rickimalone 18:25 09 May 2004

I cant get into BIOS to change the setting of CPU and External Frequency and things???? Ive got an AMD 2500+ barton but when checking it through windows it's only identifying it at 1466GHZ AND EXTERNAL AT 133MHZ it should be 1883mhz with 333mhzFSB.
On start-up I press F2 F8 OR F5 and it takes me to advanced windows options with things such as start windows in safe mode and start with last known good config???

How do I get into BIOS ??? Does anyone know why this scren is coming up???


  rickimalone 18:26 09 May 2004

Ive just bulit this machine last night thread for all things ive done click here

  VoG II 18:28 09 May 2004

Some keys to try click here

  Rayuk 18:39 09 May 2004

When its booting up keep pressing the delete key to get into bios.

  rickimalone 18:40 09 May 2004


  Rayuk 18:40 09 May 2004

Only know pressing F8 button is for starting up in safe mode option

  rickimalone 18:44 09 May 2004

Thanks for imput mate......

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