Bios will not Boot up

  cearve 00:11 27 Jul 2006

I have a Sparkle motherboard SPCTNF2ATX which I can't get to boot up. It gets to a point where it states hit DEL to enter bios setup and then stalls. There is a POST code of 52 showing but I don't know what it is telling me as POST codes are not shown in the manual

  ArrGee 00:14 27 Jul 2006

Can you boot from your restore CD?

  cearve 00:19 27 Jul 2006

No, Nothing seems to let me get past the DEL to enter setup point The floppy or original Windows cd are not recognised. I have cleared cmos using the jumper with no effect. I does show the date incorrect and the CPU size completely wrong so cmos have been affected bu me clearing it, as expected.

  DieSse 00:35 27 Jul 2006

The common meaning for a POST code of 52 is to do with testing the keyboard.

Try another keyboard

Check you haven't accidentally put the keyboard and mouse the wrong way round

Try a USB keyboard

  DieSse 00:41 27 Jul 2006

On other BIOSes it can be to do with RAM tests.

Good set of documents about POST test codes here click here

  cearve 07:39 27 Jul 2006

Tried another keyboard and mouse, no better theough. I have prior to this reinstalled windows XP home. I was going to make some adjustments in the bios when this all happened. It stalls at DEL to enter set up.

  cearve 22:40 27 Jul 2006

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong here please.

  ed-0 22:47 27 Jul 2006

DieSse's suggestion re the ram? If you have more than one stick, switch around with just one stick in.

if you haven't flashed the bios, it could be a hardware fault.

Disconnect every PCI card ( lan, modem, sound etc , the hard drive/drives and optical drives. Any usb or other attachments, even keyboard and mouse.

  phono 23:01 27 Jul 2006

ed-0 is quite correct, you need to strip it right back to motherboard, RAM, CPU and video card only and then see if the board will POST, (Power On Self Test).

If it does then you have a faulty hardware device, by adding them one at a time you should be able to determine which one it is.

If you have more than one RAM module try them one at a time and in different slots, it may also be an idea to run Memtest86 try click here for a download for a bootable floppy or bootable CD-ROM ISO.

If none of the above helps/works then you're probably looking at a defective motherboard, CPU, RAM module(s) or video card, not forgetting of course the PSU, whilst on the subject of PSU, do you have all the power connectors plugged in properly?

  woodchip 23:16 27 Jul 2006

Suggest you take the side of the computer, Switch power of at Wall Socket, then remove the Motherboard Battery or there may be a jumper near it with three pins two covered by a jumper. put this on the other pin if there is one then put it back. It will clear CMOS and revert to Default settings

  phono 23:18 27 Jul 2006

Good call, I forgot about that, it may save a lot of hassle.

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