Bios virus?

  User-8CBE9B0D-6571-4E13-80A7C8BC3CD42355 19:38 20 Mar 2004

Hi all
I installed AVG on a friends pc, suspecting he had a virus, and it found the swen32 virus (among others not known I assume) and removed it. After that, the pc constantly looked for a file called rvctup.exe whenever you tried to run a programme. This included trying to open explorer, control panel, regedit ... anything!! We decided to fdisk and format the hdd and start again. I made the drive one drive again, from 2, and then partitioned it. Trying to come out of fdisk (for the second time), it warned of a boot virus and Y/N to continue. We continued (Y) (the (N) not having made a difference the first time) before formating and a re boot. On trying to re install windows, it got as far as a setup check and then it complained about an NFTS issue and would not let us go any further. Thinking it could be a BIOS issue I tried to get into the BIOS but all I get is a blank screen. Has anyone got any ideas as I thought after an fdisk, repartition and format all would be well. Thanks in advance J

  Indigo 1 19:43 20 Mar 2004

NTFS problem is easily soted using Floppy Boot discs first.

Thanks indigo 1 but even booting off a floppy and then running setup off the cd still makes no difference. It seems the more I try to remove this thing, the deeper it buries itself! Any other ideas? J

would a setup programme for the hdd enable the boot sector to be sorted out? J

  woodchip 20:35 20 Mar 2004

FDISK should remove a boot virus if it's used correctly. One in the BIOS is a different thing and if your AV does not protect the BIOS then you should set the Anti Virus as Enabled in BIOS after you get the Operating System on and working.

PS a AV BIOS protection will create a boot floppy so the CMOS etc can be restored from the floppy disc

  woodchip 20:36 20 Mar 2004

setup programme for the hdd, NO it would only make matters worse.

thanks woodchip. Struggling to even get to the BIOS at this stage, just get a blank screen with a constant red light from the HDD. I can feel a new HDD coming on!! What about flashing the BIOS, would that help. I've never done it but would be willing to try if it solves the prob! J

  woodchip 20:48 20 Mar 2004

If you get the correct BIOS update and flash it. It will remove the VIRUS in the BIOS but where is it I would not flash untill you are certain. BIOS OR CMOS

  woodchip 20:50 20 Mar 2004

The difference being that the BIOS is like Software programs the CMOS is the info stored by the BIOS software

Hi all again. After a bit more research, it would seem that the virus warning in the BIOS has been enabled and that when installing windows, it hangs just after the first setup test and shows a 'BootSector Write!! VIRUS continue (Y/N)? warning. No matter what I do, I can't make it progress any further. I can't get into the BIOS either as it just quickly flashes up on the screen before going blank. Anyone know how to get into the BIOS another way or make the screen stay showing ... or even why it may be going blank? Thanks J

  JerryJay 14:05 21 Mar 2004

Maybe problem with bios. Sort out bios before try other things.

(1) Reset bios to factory default, some motherboards suppot this, but you need to mess with jump etc, check mb manual.

(2) Flash to the latest version to make it work.

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