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  User-93B9B20E-2BF4-4EF1-82F20608231F9F1C 23:52 10 May 2003

First ever request ever anywhere, here goes. It all started with the gforce4 MX 440 DDR 128 PCI graphics card I was advised to get, which 5 months later still sits in its box on top of my pc. Being new to computing and almost an antique myself like my motherboard 630 TCF (Jetway) I am abliged to ask for advice from others and was informed that this was a plug in and go job, the plan being, as I quickly got into large layered graphic files (photoshop), to help handle the demands on processor (1GHz Celeron), better refresh rate and better colour/monitor settings etc. I also wanted to run two monitors so I can see the images I am working on. Being new and cautious I called in the experts to install this card for me, 3 experts later and more expense then the price of the card no joy. Results have varied between no re-boot after install to screen without start bar and no program startup although I am pritty sure the installs have been done correctly. It was then decided I needed to update the BIOS as the one I have is the first one used on that motherboard (A1) and Jetway themselves have sent me the one I need (A5). All I have to do now is install that. The last expert came to do that for me and put it on a floppy with its installing program but came up against a black screen saying NTLDR is missing. He didnt know where to get that from saying he was not use to Win 2000. (only 98) I have since found out that the NTLDR is a small starting program needed to install the new BIOS, and that is the story so far. Any advice would be much appreciated as experts and good advice are hard to find on top of this cottage on top of a hill in a very remote part of Mid Wales. Where do I get the NTLDR from in Win 2000 and am I correct in assuming I put that on the Floppy with the BIOS update and install from there. It would be a pity to throw it in the bin after all this, although I would probably have done things differntly now. So it goes, thanks Kelvin.

  VoG™ 23:58 10 May 2003

click here

Why do you need to update your BIOS. It is simple to do but if things go wrong you can end up with a 'puter that will not boot.

  LastChip 00:06 11 May 2003

It seems like you have a distinct shortage of experts in your part of the country! (you know what an expert is; a drip under pressure!)

NTLDR, is a file that is part of the Win2K operating system, and you should find it in your route directory.

However, to flash a BIOS, this should not be relevant, as it is done from Pure DOS direct from the floppy. (Win2K has nothing to do with it)!

A WORD OF WARNING. You are playing with FIRE!

If a flash goes wrong, it is likely your motherboard will be history click here

I suggest you read the tutorial my link will provide, and see what you feel about the issue then.

If we can help further, please post back.

  Steve N 01:13 11 May 2003

I had a similar problem with Win XP. Heres a nice little link with some useful solutions <a href="click here">Click Here</a>

  Steve N 01:14 11 May 2003

and how i need to learn how to use the forum properly!!!! :oS

  hugh-265156 01:20 11 May 2003

this is the only half decent info i can find on your board click here had a look on jetway site and was not much help.from what i can see by the specs you should be good to go with a geforce mx440.this is the chipset the board uses click here try updating the drivers for it from click here and then install the graphics it is onboard graphics first of all after updating the drivers for the sis630 go to add remove programs and any listing here for graphics card driver for mx440 etc remove if windows asks you to restart dont. then go to device manager and find display adapter(mx440)right click and uninstall or should now attempt to install the drivers for it.when prompted to install drivers for the new card click cancel and get the latest drivers from click here you do not currently have the geforce installed remove anything listed in add remove and device manager relating to it anyway then turn off slot the card in and as above when prompted install the drivers.

  hugh-265156 01:26 11 May 2003

when installed check in the bios by tapping F1 F2 or delete to enter,and disable the shared memory or onboard graphics memory but you will probally find it is already done.

Thanks for the advice, it appears then that all I have to do is upload the part of the boot disk required onto a clean floppy with the upgrade jetway sent me, copy down all the bios settings and away to go. I have tried the nVidia driver upgrades but not the chipset upgrades, yet. Perhaps I should try that first, although it would appear that a bios upgrade is in order anyway (better op. times esp. multi-tasking, look mom i'm multi-tasking) and I could then install a bigger processor as well which would perhaps keep me happy untill I can get a twin processor monster together. Is it worth it. Anyway cheers, I'll read everthing again 3 times then perhaps?

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