Bios upgrade

  cagey 00:24 03 May 2003

I intend to upgrade my grandson's computer which has a 700 Duron CPU on a Jetway 663AS Pro M/B,which has a 200Mhz FSB. On the Jetway web site there is a Bios upgrade available for this M/B which will support AMD XP 2000+. The specification for a 2000+ is that it uses a 266Mhz FSB. Will this Bios upgrade enable this.

  hugh-265156 00:46 03 May 2003
  DieSse 00:50 03 May 2003

I can't see a BIOS upgrade as you describe, except for the 663AS Ultra board - and this does have a 1333/266 FSB.

So i think you're out of luck.

  hillybilly 00:54 03 May 2003

The simple answer is yes, BUT upgrading the bios is one of those things that can lead to disaster if it goes wrong. NEVER try a bios upgrade if there is any chance of a power cut! Taht might sound silly but if it cuts while your upgrading you've had it. Needless to say I live in an area with overhead cables!

  cagey 00:55 03 May 2003

huggyg71-----I have clicked the thread you suggested, but I don't think really answers my question. What I really want to know is that will this bios upgrade enable the present 200Mhz FSB to support a 266Mhz FSB CPU.

  DieSse 00:59 03 May 2003

"What I really want to know is that will this bios upgrade enable the present 200Mhz FSB to support a 266Mhz FSB CPU" - No - the upgrade is not for your board.

  hugh-265156 01:02 03 May 2003

i agree with DieSse have been to jetway site and cant find any info on this.if you have a link please post it and we will have a look very careful and if it were me and there is no info on what it is supposed to offer support for i would leave well alone.

  hillybilly 01:10 03 May 2003

Just had another look at Jetway, Sorry I was wrong you guys are right. The upgrade offered is for the "Ultra" not the "Pro"

  cagey 01:12 03 May 2003

Thanks guys, I have rechecked the Jetway site myself and see that this does refer to the Ultra.
Therefore the best CPU I could fit is an Athlon 1GHz, any idea where I could obtain one as I don't see them listed in current price lists.

  goonerbill 08:50 03 May 2003

click here look at the site. it compares prices of all AMD cpu's and lists the cheapest

  cagey 23:26 07 May 2003

Have checked the site you suggested, 1GHz not available, but an Athlon 1.1GHz or a Duron 1.3GHz are available would I be able to use one of these.

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