BIOS updating

  Marko797 10:21 16 May 2007

Apols for being dumb here but, how do u update the bios, and where do u get updates from? Also, what's 'flashing' the bios mean?

  Stuartli 10:24 16 May 2007

If you are not sure how to update the Bios then the best advice, if everything is working as it should, is to leave well alone...:-)

One false move and your motherboard will almost certainly need replacing.

  Marko797 10:34 16 May 2007

Thnx Stuartli, based on what u say I think I'll leave well alone. It's just that I thought I could easily get the latest update for my MB, but at the moment everything is working fine, so point taken. Cheers.

  mitsme 11:36 16 May 2007


Under what circumstance would you recommend updating BIOS? I only ask as I hve been usis for ng PCs for a while now & I see that it cropps upf from time to time.
I have on my PC a BIOS update feature, am reluctant to use it. I'm in the if it aint broke dont't fix it brigade. From reading some posts a BIOS update may be your only fix left if all goes TITS up.

  spoonlamp 13:01 10 Oct 2007

Should I be updating my bios? A test gave me the results below...
BIOS Date: November 25th 2005
BIOS ID: 11/25/2005-i915P-6A79VG0DC-00
BIOS OEM: Intel 915P BIOS for 8I915PM 20u NF - 20u
Chipset: Intel 2580 rev 14
SuperIO: ITE 8712F rev 7 at port 002E
Motherboard: GA-8I915PM
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2.0
Maximum Memory: 4096MB
Installed Memory: 2048MB
Memory Config: Slot1:512 Slot2:512 Slot3:512 Slot4:512
If so - where from? I can't find a (free) site anywhere?

  keef66 13:53 10 Oct 2007

first off, better for all concerned if you start your own thread.
If your pc is working OK, don't mess with the bios.
If you do find you need to update it, for example to install a processor which wasn't around when your mobo was made, get the update from your pc manufacturer's website. Yours looks like NEC.
Failing that, it looks like you have a Gigabyte mobo so you could see if they do an update.

Again, don't mess with it if you don't have to. If you get it wrong, you could very easily have a dead mobo.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 10 Oct 2007

Under what circumstance would you recommend updating BIOS?

If you have fitted a new piece of kit and it isn't working properly on our board but you are sure the kit is OK then that is the time to check if you need a BIOS update.

In ALL other circumstances it is safer to leave the BIOS alone.
Mess with the BIOS and get it wrong and our motherboard is trash.

An upgrade could cost you a new board new memory and a new CPU.

Speaking from experience I trashed a BIOS once took 3 years to get that board working again, of course by then it was out of date.

  spoonlamp 16:01 17 Nov 2007

Wasn't sure about starting a new thread when this one seemed so similar...will do so next time!
Thanks for the help. Will leave it be...

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