bios updating

  silverfox2 19:08 28 Apr 2004

I have an Asus mobo and a BIOS updater is installed which automatically updates the BIOS but only when I've chosen the one I want from a list it displays.My BIOS is version 1012 and the versions on the list go up to 1018.I would have thought that the latest one i.e. 1018 would contain all the previous fixes etc. Anybody know if this is correct(in which case why are any others listed?) or do I have to work my way through the updates from 1013 upwards?

  Rayuk 19:11 28 Apr 2004

Just update to the latest one.
Or you could go here and see if there is any mention of the best bios to use for this board.
click here
Can you ost the model number for your board

  Gongoozler 19:19 28 Apr 2004

The only reason I can think of for not using the latest version is if you find you have a compatibility problem with it.

  silverfox2 19:33 28 Apr 2004

Thanks for the tips.Board is A7V333.

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