Bios Update - System now reports lesser CPU

  djinn 16:56 29 Dec 2005

Hi Folks,

I am an absolute beginner to this, so please bear with me.

I allowed a relative to upgrade my bios and now my ageing Athlon 2100+ (1.7 GHz, I think it was) is now reported under system info as an Athlon 1500+ 1.3GHz

I'm not sure what exactly was done with this upgrade and (relative is now on a gap year round the world trip)

Any ideas as to what to do in order to have my pc recognise the correct CPU.

Do you need further information - if so what - I have a copy of everest home - which lists a whole pile of system info, which really means nothing to me - if that will help any.


  old_git 19:08 29 Dec 2005

The most likely cause is that the fsb of the motherboard is running at it's lowest, basic setting. i.e. 100Mhz This would happen after a bios flash and it is usuall to reset it.

You would need to go into the bios and change the setting to 133Mhz.

If you can post the make and model of the motherboard, via everest. It should be easy to do.

  Skyver 19:46 29 Dec 2005

Check your BIOS settings are 13.0 X 133 (multiplier & FSB speed respectively)

  djinn 21:18 29 Dec 2005

Hi Old/Skyver

MSI KT3 Ultra2 (MS-6380E)

is what's reported in everest - can you confirm what I need to do.

Here's what a pre bios upgtade showed in everest....

AMD Athlon XP, 1733 MHz (13 x 133) 2100+

and a post upgrade......

AMD Athlon XP, 1300 MHz (13 x 100)


  old_git 21:26 29 Dec 2005

Yes alter the fsb to 133 from 100.

  Skyver 22:00 29 Dec 2005

As old_git advises. Press F2 or Delete during booting for your BIOS screen, you will need to go through all the various screens to find your memory/CPU configuration, it differs from machine to machine - look for memory configuration, hardware configuration, something like that and check to see if anything shows 100mhz, that will probably reflect your current FSB settings, up it to 133.

  djinn 22:39 29 Dec 2005

Great stuff guys - got it sorted with your advice - one more question - I upgraded my old 512mb pc2100 ddr ram to 1gig of pc2700 ddr - do I need to notify my bios of this ram upgrade?


  old_git 22:52 29 Dec 2005

ram upgrade.

No the system should just recognise the increase. Is it registered as 1 gig of memory in everest, computer, summary, system memory?

Running the cpu at the correct speed. :-)

  djinn 23:04 29 Dec 2005

Hi Old,

Everest reports the 1 gig as pc2700 - is that ok - no need to report the increase from pc2100 to pc2700 anywhere's??

Yep the cpu appears to be running at the correct speed mow thanks - unfortunately it doesn't appear to reflect the speed whilst working away :-(

Thanks to you and skyver for all the help so far - much appreciated.


  Skyver 23:13 29 Dec 2005

No, no need. If your board and CPU supported a 166mhz FSB you could now run at that with the new memory, but I don't think the older Athlons were capable of that, only the Barton core versions over 2.5MHz.

  old_git 23:25 29 Dec 2005

memory speed.

In the bios under advanced chipset features -- dram timing control-- sdram frequency. Is the setting SPD ( serial presence detect )? If it is then the speed of the memory should be pc2700. The optimum speed for the memory.

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