BIOS Update - Should I - Is It Safe

  The Paul 22:59 22 Dec 2003

I've been having XP Pro crash problems which I thought were cured by keeping my Laptop on while the Desktop was running as this had been highlighted as a potential problem with Networks. I have a Xover cable linked from DeskTop to Laptop. I also uninstalled Sygate Firewall. Since then and for about a week or so, everything was fine.

Tonight it crashed again. The Laptop wasnt running. What has happened is that the taskbar has gone from blue to an unwell looking grey. I have tried all the usual fixes for the taskbar but it wont recover to the blue. I can live with this.

One thing I discovered through my recent thread was that there is an updated BIOS available. I'm quite worried about trying this. Should I do it. My system was built on WinME. I've got Athlon XP2400 - 512 MB RAM, 80 GB H/disk - NVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200 graphics card, onboard sound and XP Pro. The link should take you to the site for the upgrade. Sorry - MoBo is ASRock K7S8X series. click here

Do I go for the upgrade to see if this cures the crashes or should I leave well alone. If I should go for it, which download should I opt for.

Thanks folks. Paul

  VoG II 23:08 22 Dec 2003


Just be aware that you have to follow the insrtructions to the letter. If you cock this up your 'puter won't boot.

Take care and Merry Xmas.

  The Paul 23:10 22 Dec 2003

Thanks VoG. Thats the bit that worries me most. My thinking is that the new BIOS might be better for the XP O/S but I'm unsure about the process of the upgrade and the skill level needed to undertake it.

  hugh-265156 23:21 22 Dec 2003

im thinking either of the bios updates wont fix it.

fix in v2.2 click here

fix in v1.9 click here

check in control panel/performance and maintenance/display/appearance its set to xp style

and also in control panel/performance and maintenance/system/advanced/performance/visual effects the "adjust for best appearance"tab is ticked.

  ton 23:21 22 Dec 2003

click here

Bios info. You can obtain bios chips ready burned from here. You could check to see if they can supply yours before doing the flash.

It's not hard to do a reflash, but as VoG said you must do it right.

  holly polly 23:21 22 Dec 2003

looks worrying doesnt it ,i have myself upgraded the bios and a nerve racking time it was too ,i neednt have worried everything went without a hitch ,only advice i can give you print out instructions and read a couple of hunred times ,and then go and do it ,FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER ,and everything should be fine -good luck -hol pol...

I have had to update the BIOS on my ASRock Board K7VT4-4X

It is easy but you must make sure you know what is going on.

But to me it seems that it may not be the problem.

Does the machine work ok in safe mode?

  The Paul 23:33 22 Dec 2003

I'm not 100% convinced either. I've checked my existing BIOS version and, as far as I can tell, its K7S8X BIOS P1.30. Neither of the links make me confident that they are 100% pure updates for my type of setup.

ton - your link looks great except I'm not sure I have the ability to understand it all. I think that I could do the upgrade (if it was the right thing to do) so long as you guys (without gender) were holding BOTH my hands. As holly polly states, the thought is nerve racking - but if it was the cure - then I would go for it.

Not really helping myself am I?

  hugh-265156 23:36 22 Dec 2003

as the fixes above dont mention fixing your problem then i would leave it.not that its difficult to do,just wont fix it.

did you try the display settings i suggested above?

  The Paul 23:36 22 Dec 2003

I havent tried it in Safe Mode yet. The crashes come completly without warning and it doesnt seem to matter what I'm doing at the time.

I thought that in Safe Mode I wouldnt be able to run all the usual software as I would normally do. Photoshop - Nero - and so on. It will be while running a software app that the system goes down.

  The Paul 23:45 22 Dec 2003

huggyg71 - I get to Control Panel but I cannot see anything which says Performance & Maintenance. Where will I find it.

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