Bios update to fix Premiere Elements problem

  Gran 01:27 21 Dec 2004

I have just installed Adobe Premiere Elements and it fails on startup, so I have uninstalled it. This is a known problem, listed on the Adobe knowledge base (doc 330771), with some processor/motherboard combinations which don't support SSE. (I don't know what SSE actually does!)

My processor is an AMD Athlon XP1900 and the motherboard is an ASUS A7A266-E. From the AMD website, it appears that this type 6 AMD processor does support SSE. There is a bios update to provide SSE support for the motherboard on the ASUS website. Adobe knowledge base recomends updating the bios as one of the solutions.

I am not happy about attempting this, having seen many warnings on this forum.

Is it safe and sensible to attempt an update? I've never done one before, although I am quite familiar with building and fixing PC's. Can anyone advise me please?

Thank you. Gran.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:01 21 Dec 2004

Nowadays bios flashing is a fairly safe procedure as long as you follow the instructions step by step.

I would only do it if it were, a) certain to solve the problem, and b) the *only* way to solve it.

  Gran 09:49 21 Dec 2004

Thank you for your reply. I'm checking everything I can before I attempt the bios update.

Is it possible to advise me where would I normally find the instructions for flashing the bios? Should it be included with the individual update, or is there a general instruction for all updating somewhere? This type of updating is very new to me.


  TomJerry 09:51 21 Dec 2004

it is a great web site with a lot of instructions

  Gran 09:52 21 Dec 2004

Also, there seem to be about four updates for this bios on the Asus site. Can they noramally be installed individually, or do they pre-req each other.


  Gran 09:53 21 Dec 2004

Thanks. I will have a dig around the website as you suggest.

  Gran 11:57 21 Dec 2004

I'm going to close this now and thanks for your help, it has clarified the issue very well for me.

This level of motherboard which is over 3 years old, has none of the bios update friendly facilities which are on more recent ones. It has to be done at very basic level which I'm not happy about attempting. Thus it looks like a new processor/motherboard combination upgrade in the new year. Such is life.

Thanks again and best wishes for the Festive Season.


  TomJerry 12:16 21 Dec 2004

maybe give a try before buy new, just make sue you get correct flash program

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