BIOS update

  professor 14:11 09 Feb 2003

hey all

ok its simple this but better to know for shure(and to make life easier!!) im building a VERY old pc out of leftover parts the mainboard needs an update of its BIOS-it was made in 93....the mainboard make and model is PCI54IT(it may need spaces in that) and the version is 1.00 and the BIOS is AMI by american baisically does anyone know where I can get a hold of the latest BIOS that was made for it.

thanx ppl

  -pops- 14:38 09 Feb 2003

Try here click here


  DieSse 14:48 09 Feb 2003

You say the motherboard needs an update of the BIOS - why? - what isn't working correctly?

  professor 22:05 09 Feb 2003

it aint a case of nothing workin right its a case of it that it runs VERY slowly becouse the bios is so old it cant even take win95 and the spec is fine for what its going to do its a P166 with 32mb ram and the harddisk is a good performer too its just the bios being very old


  DieSse 00:24 10 Feb 2003

IMHO you're not understanding the role of the BIOS. A BIOS written to support a motherboard with a P166 and the peripherals which can be attached to it, should be capable of doing just that. What's in a BIOS is extremely basic to the operation of a system - it either works or it doesn't - it's not germane to the performance of a system.

You say the BIOS "can't take Win95" - you mean it doesn't install? - in that case there is likely a fault. If you can expand on this, maybe someone can help. I'm often putting together old systems like this for beginners, but I've never had a BIOS issue in any of them.

If the performance is poor, then I believe you just have to look for another reason why, not at the BIOS.

  DieSse 00:43 10 Feb 2003

As far as I can make out, this is probably the manufacturer of your board. If you put the model number into a Google search, you get plenty of links, most of which lead back to here.

click here

I can't find any info on the site tho'.

This may be a picture of it.

click here

Intel FX boards should be perfectly capable of running Win95, quite reasonably quickly.

  DieSse 00:58 10 Feb 2003

click here

If you're really desperate, this is the only BIOS update for the above board I can find - Please note it's not free, and I take no responsibility for it - it's just what i found.

  professor 19:17 10 Feb 2003


bios flashed and now has a mark of 40 instead of 1.2


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