Bios Update

  PC User 21:51 24 Feb 2008

I have an old Medion Laptop (Cybermaxx MD41349).

I have a DVD drive and USB ports

How can I update the bios. I want to do so before I install Ubuntu on it

The instructions from Medion website does not work because I deleted the original partions

  skidzy 21:58 24 Feb 2008

Why are wanting to update the bios ?

This can be a dangerous move as an update can render the motherboard useless !! and cost more to repair than buying a new one,and bearing in mind its a laptop.....could be an expensive update if the wrong bios update or flashed incorrectly.

I would have thought Ubuntu would load to the hdd.

  Totally-braindead 21:58 24 Feb 2008

You only update the BIOS if you really have to as if it goes wrong you can fry the chip on the motherboard and effectively destroy the computer.

I don't see why you need to update the BIOS just to try Ubuntu so I wouldn't recommend doing it.

  skidzy 21:59 24 Feb 2008


should read; Why are you wanting to update the bios.

  skidzy 22:00 24 Feb 2008

Snap :-)

  PC User 22:17 24 Feb 2008

well there is a "new" bios on Medion for this laptop and I thought better have the latest version

  skidzy 22:24 24 Feb 2008

If it aint broke ...dont fix it !!!

Although a new bios update does not mean it will improve the performance of the laptop.

Basically we are warning you of a possible disaster,and it DOES happen at times.

Though of course it maybe fine,if your willing to run the risk....its your choice.

  PC User 22:26 24 Feb 2008

Well with the new PC comimg soon, I'm willing to give it a try !

  skidzy 22:41 24 Feb 2008

If you insist on flashing the bios read this first
click here
and click here

If no floppy drive some can be performed from cd,you need to check the bios boot order is set to cd as first boot device.

Depending on your bios Phoniex/Megatrends/Award/Biostar etc... follow the instructions to the letter.

Further help here;
click here
click here

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