BIOS Time/Date/Yr keeps reverting back to default

  Giggle n' Bits 23:59 02 Apr 2004

Has anyone seen this problem before. I installed fresh after setting the BIOS up over a month ago and then installed XP Home upgrade over Win98se.
And not get looping boots but my concern is the Time/Date & Year has reverted to Day 1 like the motherboard was new out of the box.

Putting Looping boots/re-boots continous & the BIOS Dates changing itself could I be looking at a virus, Power supply or faulty M/board.
I am going to run a emergency Norton scan in dos.

  El Cavaliero! 00:04 03 Apr 2004

Hi Kinloss

Not an expert but a possibility might be battery problem as above therefore BIOS setting to default when machine is powered up.

Woth a look

  Indigo 1 00:05 03 Apr 2004

First thing to check is the CMOS backup battery (LM3202 I think) available everywhere for about £2-£3.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:11 03 Apr 2004

change it sat-y-day, can get them for £1.49 from Max SPielman (Camera Shop).

Thanks guys will leave post open just incase another ideas come in to check after battery change. Happy weekending.

  Indigo 1 00:23 03 Apr 2004

I will be interested to see if it works as I just set up a new PC for a friend that had a similar problem, only thing is it was a brand newie so I don't think it was likely to be the batt so I left it as it didn't seem to cause any other probs. But the time and date in BIOS was always different on booting into BIOS.

Which A-V are you using ?

Is is it fully up to date ?

  Giggle n' Bits 00:32 03 Apr 2004

it looses anything major over night (not switched on though) then run it all morning, HDD seems fine and passed is utility test. Think its going to be a process of illumination. I think the PSU looks possible also.

Have to go to sleep now, but thanks M8 Indigo 1 speak soon.

  gudgulf 02:19 03 Apr 2004

Check the mobo manual--I beleive some ship with the jumper that resets the bios in the "clear" position----means it will reset every time the mains power is shut off.

  Indigo 1 02:31 04 Apr 2004

EuReka-ka-ka-ka, cheers gudgulf, would never have thought of looking in the manual 8o)

Seriously though it is the last place I ever think of ! Usually post a thread here and someone else does all the hard work :-P

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