BIOS Temps

  captivetrill 02:26 30 Jul 2007

when I was going through my BIOS I noticed the temps were CPU 69c MB 45c, when i booted into windows and run speedfan the temps were CPU 44c MB 44c. Could the BIOS temps be wrong for some reason, anybody got any ideas please..?


  skidzy 06:43 30 Jul 2007

Try SIW click here and click on sensors.

  Batch 12:09 30 Jul 2007

I think it is likely that the BIOS temps are the correct ones. Speedfan might be picking up the same temp reading and displaying it for both CPU & mobo (esp. as they wouldn't normallt be and stay the same).

  captivetrill 20:34 30 Jul 2007

Hi Skidzy
got SIW and it gives the temps as core 0 66c, core 1 66c, core 2 56c, core 3 58c, HDD 30c.
these seem a bit high don't you think.

  captivetrill 20:36 30 Jul 2007

Hi Batch,
I have tried a few other temp monitors to compare and they all seem about the same as speedfan except core temp which tends to be higher.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 30 Jul 2007

BIOS is more accurate that any third party software and if your CPU is reaching 69 degrees you'd better do something before it blows as its too hot.

  captivetrill 20:53 30 Jul 2007

Hi Totally-braindead
have you got any ideas why it is so hot,
and what best to do about it..?

  skidzy 21:13 30 Jul 2007

We often have this conflict of opinions regarding the bios temperture readings.

Once in the bios,the system is idle therefore will give you an accurate reading but only of an idle system.

Once into windows you will have a lot more going on,therefore forcing the cpu into more work..i would expect the readings to be a little higher.

Totally-braindead has pointed out if this reading in the bios is need to address this immediately.
Though one of my systems runs at 65c and i have no idea what causes this,but is still running ok to date and been like this since october.

Most software will give you a round about figure to go with,give or take a degree or two.

First thing i would do,is open the case and check the internals are free from dust and grime.If still the same temps after a cleanup,change your heatsink.
And if possible for you,change the psu.

Check the thermal compound/grease is intact,not a bad idea to replace this.

Any case fans,clean these too,and check they are working ok.

  skidzy 21:15 30 Jul 2007

Though i should add,if the computer is may void the warranty if you open the case.

  captivetrill 21:23 30 Jul 2007


Everything is clean inside as it is new, when I saw the temps hot, I emailed where I got it from and they just said they would send me some thermal paste and to re-seat the CPU fan etc., still haven't got the paste but I was thinking about getting a better CPU cooler.

  captivetrill 21:25 30 Jul 2007

sorry "Skidzy"

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