bios speed

  LANDCRUISER 13:30 16 Jul 2008

hi there, ive just done a reformat of my xp pc as i was having quiet a few problems with it,the speed is 1.8ghz but i only get 1,26ghz & the pc will not start at 1.8ghz,what can i do to get it to work at the faster speed,ive been into the bios & tryed to change it but the pc will not start,normally when ive reformat it start at 1.8ghz,why will it not start?

  LANDCRUISER 16:12 16 Jul 2008

just had this come up on the screen saying missing windows root >\system 32\hal.dll what does this mean

  Ditch999 16:27 16 Jul 2008

Your best bet would be a System Restore from Safe mode but if you want to try fix the hal problem click here

  LANDCRUISER 16:40 16 Jul 2008

if you read my first post ive reformat the drive with my mesh recovery disc so no restore points yet

  crosstrainer 16:43 16 Jul 2008

Please post your system specs. It may well be that your CPU isn't capable of running any faster than the BIOS is setting.

To obtain a full (free) system report.

click here

Run this and post the results.

  Ditch999 17:24 16 Jul 2008

If its an amd CPU like mine, and cool n quiet is enabled, then your cpu will run at different speeds depending on if you are using it or not. It gets treated like a mobile CPU in a laptop.
Have you set the BIOS to default settings?

  woodchip 18:32 16 Jul 2008

If its a AMD then it may be the right speed, May also be a Mobile CPU some show slower when at tickover. The more welly you give it the more it kicks in

  LANDCRUISER 20:03 16 Jul 2008

the pc has always been running at 1.8ghz but recently it change on it own to 1.2ghz & when i reformat the pc in the past its always gone to 1.8ghz so why is it at 1.2ghz is it windows that is stopping it all what,the pc spec is as follows mesh matrix AMD Athlon 1900+ti5 with quantispeed,geforce 3 Ti 500 graphics,512mb high performance DDR,80gb udma-133 ( 7200 rpm )with 2mb buffer,yes the bios has been set to default

  crosstrainer 20:05 16 Jul 2008

Please post the Belarc test result.

  LANDCRUISER 20:09 16 Jul 2008

i cannot get it to boot up at the moment to send belarc, will do format tomorrow i have sent the info that i got with pc at purchase

  Ditch999 20:14 16 Jul 2008

Strange as an Athlon 1900+ runs at 1.6Ghz!
You might need a bios update!

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