harrydee 09:50 16 Jun 2006

I have two queries where help is needed.
[1] cmos setup screen shows 'OC fail, please enter setup to change OC fail settings'.Is this a normal statement or warning - what is OC ?
[2] The motherboard time /date etc was already set and working ok when the unit was activated for the first time. Does this mean the unit has been used before ?
The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-81945GMF.The manual does't help and no info available from Gigabyte website.

  rmcqua 09:58 16 Jun 2006

[1] OC standes for Overclocking. This message indicates that the BIOS is set to attempt to overclock the processor to a speed higher than its nominal speed. In your case, the processor obviously doesn't like it.
Go into the BIOS settings that control the processor clock speed and make sure that they are not set to any "turbo" or overclock values. Then, hopefully, you should be able to boot.
BTW, what type/speed is the processor?
[2] I'm not sure about this one - over to someone else.

  SANTOS7 09:58 16 Jun 2006

Over Clocking, I think you need to reset back to default..

  woodchip 10:03 16 Jun 2006

Looks like the CPU overclocked, Restore BIOS to Default settings to see how it goes. also check click here

  harrydee 11:30 16 Jun 2006

Thanks for that . I'll reset to defaults. What with what appears to be a used replacement for a dodgy original motherboard together with a faulty memory stick [replaced twice], this first attempt at building a computer has not been too smooth. At least I've leart a lot.
PS The processor is an intel p 930 64 dual core 3 GHz

  bleu 16:52 20 Jan 2007

hey i was just reading above and ive been up late most nights tring to figure out the exact opposite problem harrydee had. i have the same motherboard as him but my prossesor is a PT4 630 LGA775 3GHz 2MB L2-cache 800 MHz FSB(single core) HT enabled
ive been tring to overclock it but the easy tune 5 program it came with doesn't help at all and the bios only has the feature ot slightly overclock the memory
any ideas would be very appreciated

  Barrie_G 17:01 20 Jan 2007

2, this has probably been factory set, as my new motherboard (intel DP965Lt) was the same.

  bleu 17:32 20 Jan 2007

is there anyway un overide the facotry setting?

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