Bios Settings For AMD Athalon 2800XP

  No idea 19:27 14 Sep 2005

Hi,My motherboard is a Asus A7V8X-X,My processor is AMD Athalon 2800xp barton.I have downloaded and flashed latest bios to support newer cpus.However I have to enter the following info manually I dont know what to key. (1)I need to know the CPU Frequency multiplier(Mhz)and (2)CPU External frequency .I have Pc3200 DDRam installed .On the advanced bios board the choice of cpu starts at manual up to 2500, so i have to enter the above 2 parameters manually and i am stuck. Any ideas , thanks Vinny

  howard60 20:02 14 Sep 2005

go to the amd site and enter your cpu and you will find all the info.

  dan11 20:12 14 Sep 2005

Sorry but it will not work.

If you use any barton with this motherboard you must only use pc2700 ram. Any other ram, whether faster or slower, will drop the fsb of the cpu down to 133mhz.

The cpu should run at 166Mhz and it MUST have compatible 166Mhz ram. If you want to run the barton at full speed, you must change the ram.

The only other option is to run the cpu at the lower speed.

  No idea 20:25 14 Sep 2005

Hi dan, in the motherboard manual it actually states that this motherboard supports 333mhz fsb athlon cpus including the one I have at 2800

  dan11 20:36 14 Sep 2005

Yes I know. I have used this board a dozen or so times.

If you look at section 2 click here. You will see that with a 333Mhz cpu, the support table says you can only use 333Mhz memory ( pc2700 )

Sorry M8

  No idea 21:10 14 Sep 2005

Well this is very confusing ,The manual says it supports both amd 2800xp and pc32000, but obviously there is a problem.To avoid system hangs could you tell me what the bios settings would be best set at. I have also included this link to amd for others who are getting confused or seeking info:-

click here(1224)

according to this link my system runs at 2083Mhz,with a FSB of333 with a mutipier of 12.5 with a v.core at 1.6volts

Thanks again vin in lancashire

  No idea 21:26 14 Sep 2005

Well ,seems like I have a learning curve to conquer.i have studied what you have said and read my motherboard manual this time more closely.Yes your right it supports both, but only in a certain combination.But if for now i have to run at the lower speeds could you please tell me what i should set cpu settings to in bios.Thankyou vinny

  dan11 21:50 14 Sep 2005

I think you are getting confused a little. lol

The link doesnt work but I guess you are refering to the 2800+ 266fsb MP cpu. This WILL work with pc3200 ( 400Mhz ) ram. That is because it is not a 333Mhz barton cpu.

Here are the bios settings for a barton cpu click here. Then F10 to save and exit. You will find that every time you try to re-boot with those settings, it will fail. It will take you back to the bios and reset the cpu speed.

  dan11 21:59 14 Sep 2005

Sorry posted with out refreshing.

For your machine, under advanced. Set the CPU external frequency to 133/33. Then set the memory to 400mhz.

F10 to save and exit. This is the most optimum setting for your components.

One of my computers is running that board with a barton 2500+. I had 756Mb of spare pc2100( 266Mhz). So y barton is slowed down. click here

I am in the same boat as you, till I change my ram.

  No idea 22:05 14 Sep 2005

Thanks for your help dan11:try link again:

click here(1224)

Clicked your link but nothing happened either? anyway thanks a lot for your help and intrest .vinnie

  No idea 22:08 14 Sep 2005

but not if I paste into this message board. The (1224) after click here are part of the web address.

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