bios settings

  macone 21:39 26 Oct 2003

i have a second hand compaq desktop,it has a genuinelnetl inte(r) family 6 model 7 processor i need to get into bios settings,to disabble on board sound card.
got conflect with sound.
any help as i have tried every thing.

  james1` 21:44 26 Oct 2003

Try taping F10 thats what works for my brothers Compaq Desktop

  DieSse 21:44 26 Oct 2003

Usually you keep dabbing the F10 key during power up, on Compaqs.

  james1` 09:03 27 Oct 2003

If i remember right it doesnt exactly make it clear on the start up page you need to tap F10 to enter the Bios (it says something else).Any way thats how i got into the bios on my brothers pc.If that doesnt work im sorry i cant help you any more.Good luck JiM

  Kryten 09:07 27 Oct 2003

Have you checked the Compaq website to see if you need a boot floppy for the desktop model you have? I know that very old Compaq systems used to use a boot floppy to alter bios settings.

  BlueMeanie 18:28 27 Oct 2003

Press F10 when the cursor moves to the top right hand corner of the screen and flashes. On some compaqs however this is not available and a set of (4?) boot up disks are required from the compaq/HP web site. Best to know the model number, often on a small sticker on the right hand side of the case.

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