Bios says OK but can't boot at all

  docj 13:16 22 Jan 2006

Windows XP SP2,XP 2400+, ECSK7s5a, IGb RAM, two IDE 120Gb HDs, Radeon 9600. Multiboot with second instance of XP and SuSE 9
Today after trying to use Partition Commander from a Cd to resize a partition it hung. After about an hour I rebooted.
The start-up screen comes up and the Bios reports as normal but it wouldn't boot. On trying a rescue CD, that wouldn't boot and neither would a rescue floppy.Nor would the second IDE drive nor the SuSE boot floppy.
Something has gone terribly wrong but I don't know what.
I am using a second computer with SuSE 10 but all of my main files are on the other computer.
Any advice really welcome please.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 22 Jan 2006

Won't boot from CD or floppy if first boot device is set as HDD and the HDD is corrupted.

Set boot order as CD, floppy then HDD. Don't forget to save and exit (F10)

  docj 16:06 22 Jan 2006

Tried that first but it made no difference so I changed the jumper setting on the hard drives. I can now get the XP install disk to load but it hangs at 'set up is starting windows'.
I will keep trying. Even if I have to reinstall windows and get it to boot, as well as have access to the cd drive, maybe I can reinstall an image I made previously with Acronis.
Something seems to be wrong with one of the hard drives when set as master but why it should be denying access to the cd and floppy drives is a mystery.


  howard63 20:08 22 Jan 2006

have you tried hitting f8 as the pc starts to load windows and then either safe mode or last good load.

  woodchip 20:40 22 Jan 2006

Your MBR is corrupt by your trying to use Partitioning software. Try a Win 98se boot disc from click here tenth file from top double click the file after you download it with a Clean floppy disc in drive then start comp with disc and at A:\> type FDISK/MBR press enter. then after it goes back to A:\> turn computer off, then restart

  keith-236785 20:50 22 Jan 2006

i ditto woodchip, however it will remove the bootloader and you would lose the multi boot options. your pc would simply boot into the C:/windows. ok if you just need to get in to get things off b4 a format but not much good in your case i doubt.

best to wait to see if someone can offer a simple way of resolving your problem.

have you tried removing the drives, one by one to determine which is the defective drive if indeed that is the problem.

and have you tried to boot with the Partition Commander and tried to undo the changes you made?.

good luck

  woodchip 21:45 22 Jan 2006

Try this click here

  docj 22:21 22 Jan 2006

Thank you everybody. Your suggestions were correct but I managed to work it through on my own before I read your answers.
It seems the main hard disk had gone belly-up and I could only get any response by disconnecting it and setting the other hard drive to master.
I reinstalled windows (which I found was necessary) and then restored a back-up image which fortunately was on the good drive. All was still not well so, having tried windows repair, fixmbr, etc I eventually hit on the idea of doing fdisk /mbr from a 98 boot disk. Much to my amazement, and after a very frustrating day, I am now back to XP and, apart from a slight problem with the usb mouse, now is all hunky-dory (fingers crossed).

Thank you all for your support(believe me it helps to know that you are not alone). Now off to look for a new HD.


  keith-236785 07:56 23 Jan 2006

glad to have helped, as for the usb mouse prob, have you re-installed the motherboard drivers, your image may have stored them or may not have, might be worth a try. also have you checked the device manager for any Yellow exclamation marks, it might just be a corrupt setting, removing the offending entry by right clicking and remove/uninstall and on re-boot it should try to set them up again (you may need your XP disc for the nescessary files)

good luck.

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