BIOS recognition of AMD processor & FSB speed

  Jim Sadler 17:35 20 Nov 2003

I have just installed an A7N8X-X socket A motherboard in my computer.
My processor is an AMD Athlon Barton 2500+ (1.833mhz) and the memory is 1Gb
of PC2700 DDR. Both of these items are able to run at a FSB of 333mhz.
However, the start up screen shows the processor at 1100mhz, not 1.833mhz,
and the memory frequency at 166mhz and single channel mode.
The Windows XP system information and the Norton Systemworks system
information also show the processor at 1100mhz.
The BIOS settings are on auto detect and I do not wish to manually enter the
settings in case I get them wrong.
Could you please explain to me how to adjust the BIOS to display the correct
Asus have not bothered to answer my request
Jim Sadler

  Rayuk 18:29 20 Nov 2003

The cpu runs at 11 x 166 = 1826

The memory runs at 166 but being ddr this becomes 333

Do you have 2 sticks of ram or 1.

Will check manual and post back.

  jst 18:32 20 Nov 2003

Have you set the motherboard jumper for the 333 FSb. Sometimes the bios needs this jumper to be set. Shorting pins 1& 2

  Rayuk 18:46 20 Nov 2003

See section 1.9 in your manual for Jumper check it is in the right position.

I think you may find this board doesnt support dual memory mode.

  duckers 18:49 20 Nov 2003

Go into the BIOS and find the option "Load Optimised Settings", I dont want to restart and find it but it will most likely be on the BIOS page named something like "Advenced Settings", if you select the "Load Optimised Settings", execute it (whatever you need to do, pres return or whatever, I dont know your BIOS so I make no assumptions), then save and exit. This should set your system to the fastest settings that the BIOS thinks will run stable and your CPU and RAM FSB & clock speeds should be correct, if there not you might have issues with your BIOS or another problem... try geting the latest BIOS version to see if that helps, no doubt your motherboard came with some software to help you do it easily.

  Jim Sadler 19:55 20 Nov 2003

Thanks Folks, especially Rayuk. The problem is sorted. There are 2 sticks of 512mb RAM

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