bios problem !!!

  wilkiewonder 12:45 22 Jan 2007

I was recently given an old compaq deskpro, hhd and ram were missing so i installed 512 sd ram and a 250gb hhd, i then intalled xp and all worked well but a little slow so i changed the cpu (intel pentium 3 800/256/133) to an intel pentium 3 1000/256/133 in the hope that it might run a little faster. when i boot up now i get a message that the bios is incorrect and i need to download a new bios.. and a button saying F1 to boot, i hit F1 and everything boots up and runs fine. this is where the problem begins.... the F10 doesnt work so i cant find out what bios it has now and dont know what motherboard i have so dont know what to look for and where to look. also if i change back to the old cpu theres no problems at all, what if any is the differnce between the old and my new cpu and is there any real benifit to having the new one in the set up.. any help would be great thanks

  ed-0 14:21 22 Jan 2007

Download and run both these free programs. everest home click here and SIW click here

See if they can recognise which motherboard you have in the computer. Can you also post the code numbers on top of the cpu chips.

It may be you need to alter a bios setting or a jumper on the motherboard.

When you use the 1Gb P3, does it register as that in the bios and windows.

  pk46 14:32 22 Jan 2007

I have an 8 year old Brio that i keep going for fun it has been upgraded to 512MB SDR and a 1GB pentium 3 and 120GB HD as the bios is old IT WILL NOT WORK WITH A HD ABOVE 120GB in other words thats Windows default.

  wilkiewonder 15:13 22 Jan 2007

ok i ran the everest prog

Field Value
Motherboard ID <DMI>
Field Value
Motherboard Name Compaq Deskpro

Field Value
CPUID Manufacturer GenuineIntel
Field Value
CPUID Revision 0000068Ah
Field Value
IA Brand ID 02h (Intel Pentium III)
Field Value
Platform ID 05h (Socket 370)
Field Value
IA CPU Serial Number Unknown
Field Value
Microcode Update Revision 1
Field Value
HTT / CMP Units 0 / 0

Field Value
BIOS Properties

Field Value
BIOS Type Compaq
Field Value
Compaq BIOS Ownership Tag Unknown
Field Value
Compaq BIOS UUID Unknown
Field Value
System BIOS Date 10/10/00
Field Value
Video BIOS Date 05/03/00

Field Value
BIOS Manufacturer
Field Value
Company Name Hewlett-Packard Company

hope this makes sense to you because it doesnt to me !!!!

  ed-0 17:25 22 Jan 2007

It makes sense alright, but it isn't giving us the information we need. :-(

Is all of that from everest or a combination. If just from everest, then try SIW.

Also if you can freeze the post screen, thats the screen that counts the memory and shows the IDE hard drives and cdrom drives, first screen as you start the computer. freeze the screen by pressing the pause button on the key pad. Can you post the numbers and letters at the very bottom of the page, this is called the bios string. We can sometimes work out the details from the code numbers posted.

Also as it seems to be a HP / Compaq machine, does the computer case have any code numbers on it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 22 Jan 2007

All you need to do is boot to BIOS and alter the CPU settings to suit the new cpu, save and exit.

You should not then get the error massage on boot up

  wilkiewonder 17:31 22 Jan 2007

ed-o, that info just came from everest, theres no code numbers on the case, also i cant boot to bios page it just goes straight to error message with incorrect bios and the F1 manual boot, had a quick look at the SIW site but that one costs..... doesnt it???

  ed-0 17:37 22 Jan 2007

Sorry they have changed it, since the last time I visited it. here is the free version click here

  wilkiewonder 17:43 22 Jan 2007

this looks more promising mate,, motherboard info from SIW as follows

Property Value
Manufacturer Compaq
Model 06C4h
Serial Number 8047FR3Z00J2

Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation
Chipset Model 815/EP/P Solano Host-Hub Interface Bridge (GMCH/MCH A2-step)
South Bridge 82801AA 8xx Chipset LPC Interface Bridge

CPU Intel Pentium III
Cpu Socket Socket 370 [XU1]
Processor Upgrade Slot 1
Max CPU Speed 1000 MHz

System Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP

Memory Summary
Capacity 512 MBytes
Location System board or motherboard
Maximum Capacity 512 MBytes 0 MBytes
Memory Slots 2 1
Error Correction None
Name Physical Memory Array
Use System memory Flash memory

Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed

and the cpu info....

Property Value
Number of CPU(s) One Physical Processor / One Core / One Logical Processor
Vendor GenuineIntel
CPU Full Name Intel Pentium III
CPU Code Name Coppermine
Technology 0.18ยต
Platform Name Socket 370
Type Original OEM processor
Platform ID 4
Microcode ID 01
Type ID 0
CPU Clock 987.44
System Bus Clock 131.66
System Clock 131.66
Multiplier 7.50
Original Clock 1000.00
Original Bus Clock 133.33
Original System Clock 133.33
Original Multiplier 7.50
L2 Cache Speed 987.44 MHz
L2 Cache Speed Full
CPU Family / Model / Stepping 6 / 8 / A
Brand ID 02
L1 I-Cache 16 KB
L1 D-Cache 16 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB
RDMSR C7440000 00000000 00000000 00000000
3DNow! No
3DNow!+ No
DualCore No
HyperThreading No
IA-64 No
AMD64 No
EM64T No
SpeedStep No
PowerNow! No
LongHaul No
LongRun No
Architecture x86

  wilkiewonder 17:51 22 Jan 2007

also bios info if this helps any....

BIOS Version COMPAQ - 20001010
686P0 v1.09
BIOS Date 10/10/00
BIOS Vendor Compaq
Version 686P0 v1.09
Release 10/10/2000
BIOS Size 512 KB
Characteristics - supports booting from ATAPI ZIP drive
- supports booting from LS-120
- supports AGP
- supports legacy USB
- supports ACPI
- Multi Proccesor supported by BIOS
- supports INT 17 printer services
- supports INT 14 serial services
- supports INT 09 and 8042 keyboard services
- supports INT 05 print-screen
- supports INT 13 3.5-inch/720K floppy services
- supports INT 13 5.25-inch/1.2M floppy services
- supports INT 13 5.25-inch/360K floppy services
- supports INT 13 for Japanese Toshiba 1.2M floppy (3.5-inch, 360rpm)
- supports INT 13 for Japanese NEC 9800 1.2M floppy (3.5-inch, 1024-byte sectors, 360rpm)
- supports Enhanced Disk Drive specification
- supports selectable boot
- supports booting from CD-ROM
- ESCD support is available
- allows BIOS shadowing
- upgradeable (Flash) BIOS
- supports APM
- supports Plug-and-Play
- supports PCI

DMI Version 2.3 @000FE0B0

  ed-0 18:22 22 Jan 2007

I have had a bit of a browse and think you have a
click here The EX desktop PC P933. The manual is click here Does this look ;like it?

What does the 1Gb cpu read when installed?

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