BIOS Problem

  smullan_2000 11:05 11 Dec 2003

one night i decided to clear out my computer of all the unwanted programs that were installed, so all was ok on my 30gb win XP Home edition until i started my computer the next day.

when i started up the computer is was asking for the restore disk as a .dll file was missing, i restarted the computer and went into the BIOS setup and activated the contingency procedure bit and the computer automaticaly restared but now it starts but there is nothing shown on the screen... what should i do, what could be happening

PLEASE Help, i dont have my computer any more, now i need to use my work PC, and the blocks on the net are bad

  critic-al 11:14 11 Dec 2003

Firstly,Can you get into safe mode? IE tapping the F key when boot screen appears.
If so try system restore to a time before your clear out.

  smullan_2000 11:24 11 Dec 2003

no i cant as nothing happens when i start up now, the screen dosn't even get any input as the light on the monitor stays blank

  smullan_2000 11:44 11 Dec 2003


  BackSlash 14:01 11 Dec 2003

This sounds like a problem I had on my Win98 PC, which I have since discarded. If I remember correctly, I was able to get into Ms-Dos command prompt by holding Ctrl when the machine boots up. From here, there are various commands you can type in, but I can't remember them exactly.

sysrestore or something can restore the registry to a date before the PC got messed up.

None of my efforts, however worked correctly, so I had to reformat my whole system, which meant losing ALL data on the hard drive. You can back-up really important files from the ms-dos prompt, though, but hhopefully someone else will post some way of fixing the problem that doesn't involve starting from scratch.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help

  Big Elf 14:08 11 Dec 2003

What was the contingency procedure you activated? I would have though putting the disk in would have helped in restoring the file in the first place.

Perhaps I misunderstand the problem.

  PA28 14:16 11 Dec 2003

Can you boot from your installation CD at all? Do you recall if your drive is formatted to FAT32 or NTFS - if the former, you may be able to get in through a DOS bootup disk.

Is your monitor receiving power, although it remains blank?

  smullan_2000 19:11 11 Dec 2003

yes my monitor is getting power, but if i press any button to do anything, it might be going into MSDOS or booting from disk but i cannot see anything on the screen

  Big Elf 19:18 11 Dec 2003

What was the contingency procedure you activated?

  smullan_2000 20:23 11 Dec 2003

i dont know, i just seen it and thought that sounded right

  Big Elf 20:46 11 Dec 2003

Is there any chance of reversing what you did so that you can then boot, insert the restore disc, then install the dll file that is missing?

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