Bios PC Not responding

  Naseby 2 13:47 24 Jan 2012

It there malware about that will completly disable the BIOS and PC? The fans are working,the light is on but the hard drives are not spinning. Has my mobo died? Naesby.Good to be back on the forum.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 24 Jan 2012

not malware (although it can happen)

most likely PSU died, fans and LEDs require little power

more than one drive unlikely for both to die at same time although a dying PSU can take everything else with it.

  Terry Brown 14:50 24 Jan 2012

To test the motherboard, disconnect all drives (Including hard drives, printers, USB's etc and try to start the machine. What you should get is the BIOS boot up screen, and then a message 'cannot find operating system'. If you get that your MB and BIOS should be OK, if so reconnect just the main drive and try again or insert (if you have one) a system disk and see if you get any response.

Check the CPU fan to see if it spins freely and there is not a build up of dust, also check memory (is it in firm) and look for any 'burn-discoloration' marks on the motherboard.

If all else seems OK the chances are the the PSU has died.

  Naseby 2 15:38 18 Feb 2012

Belated thanks to Fruit Bat and Terry Brown.The Mobo has died at an old age.So I am rebuilding.Naesby

  woodchip 15:45 18 Feb 2012

if you can see get into bios the motherboard is ok, as is your psu. you have a hard drive problem most likely

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