BIOS password doesn't work

  shotsman 23:44 20 Sep 2007

Hi, I've tried setting a bios password on two PC's but on restarting them they get skipped and windows loads as normal!!
I can't see any key to hit to get to the bios menu to allow me to set the password to 'always'.

Help please, I'm trying to limit when the kids can use the PC's, so I can control when they start using them.

Thanks in advance!

  tullie 23:46 20 Sep 2007

Cant you just have an account with password?

  skidzy 23:48 20 Sep 2007

The bios password should protect the bios from being altered not blocking windows.
Unless there is a setting in your bios to block windows loading of course.

  ambra4 05:04 21 Sep 2007


Setting the bios password will only protect access to change the bios setting

You need to set the supervisor password in the bios so that when windows start up it would request a password which you have to enter before windows come up

  Simsy 07:30 21 Sep 2007

has a "Power on" password, so that only the user of that PC can use it. (Most of our PCs can be used by anyone). If that's what you're looking for perhaps you're seting the wrong thing in the BIOS.

Try going into the BIOS again, (obviously you'll need the password you have set to do this!), and look for a "power on" password somewhere in the settings.

I don't know if it's a feature of all BIOSs.

Good luck,



  Technotiger 07:45 21 Sep 2007
  shotsman 13:23 21 Sep 2007

Thanks for your answers, but still no luck!

They all have their own accounts with passwords, I don't want to change these as I don't want to have to keep entering a password when they are using the PC for downloads, new programmes etc.

I've set both the password to change the BIOS settings, and the user password in BIOS, trouble is I can't see how to enable the user one!

On my laptop I've done the same thing, but here there is a command to 'enable password on boot', so on my laptop, once it is switched off, no-one but me can turn it on again.

Thanks for the link Technotiger, but I really don't want to pay for a download programme when all I really want to do is know that once I've switched off a PC no-one can access it again without my knowledge (for example, should one of the little darlings decide to skip school and play on the PC all day!!)

Anymore ideas??


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