BIOS or Asusprobe - whichis correct?

  User-7A745D18-AA77-4264-9D17E76CC8A1664E 22:31 16 Jun 2003

I have an Asus A7V333 motherboard with an AMD XP 2000+ installed.

The CPU temperature has risen recently but there is some diference between the temperature reported by the BIOS and Asusprobe. After rebooting my machine, the BIOS shows 59C whereas Asusprobe indicates 71C. The motherboard temperature is the same in the BIOS and Asusprobe (32C).

If Asusprobe is correct then I obviously need to get a new fan. I am looking at the Coolermaster Xdream and have alreay had some feedbac on this in another but I don't really want to change the fan unless it's really necessary.

Heat has got to me too. Should read "feedback on this in another thread"...


Having given a bit more thought to this, can anyone recomend another utility that measures the CPU temperature. This may then give some inidcation as to whether the BIOS os Asusprobe is showing the correct figure.

Many thanks.

  Rayuk 12:43 17 Jun 2003

You could try Motherboard Monitor [MBM]
click here

  Rowey 12:46 17 Jun 2003

you should also make sure you're running an up to date version of asusprobe.

I'm running virtually the same spec as you in a cooler master case and an xp3200 approved hs/f.

My processor runs at 49c idle and up to 54c flat out.

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