BIOS / MOBO driver upgrade.

  Ex plorer 14:25 09 Dec 2006

Hi I have my old bench testing PC it works ok but I have never tried to update any drivers or BIOS so I thought I would give it a go today.
I have Everest to help me along and I have found the Intel site to down load and find out which drivers are wanted if any.
Should the BIOS be the first or dose it not matter which order I find drivers in for updates.
If I mess up I have a spare MOBO.


  Totally-braindead 15:18 09 Dec 2006

They are totally seperate so it really makes no difference what you do first.
Unless theres a particular reason to flash the BIOS I wouldn't do that though. The usual reason to update the BIOS is to support newer CPUs that weren't available when the motherboard was created. Unless this is the case or there is another problem which a BIOS update will solve do not do it.
The motherboard drivers to a certain degree are the same but the updates are usually because of a fault being patched.
You could update them I suppose but don't expect to see any difference.

  mymate 15:27 09 Dec 2006

On Dell page it told me my Bios wanted "flashing" and all i had to do was download something, and it did itself,otherwise i wouldnt have touched it my self.

  [email protected] 15:41 09 Dec 2006

If it aint broke - don't try to fix it. Mess with the BIOS at your peril unless this is just an exercise on old kit you don't need!

  Ex plorer 15:43 09 Dec 2006

Hi thanks for the info this was to be a dummy run for experience as I say the PC works fine.
The chipset according to Everest for North Bridge is 82443BX/ZX.
I have a choice hear in the 440 Intel down loads
440BX or 440ZX.
As there is both BX and ZX which is correct or do I need both.
The Intel chipset finder that I down loaded to tell me what I have came up with 82243BX/DX/ZX but there is no choice for DX in the downloads.
Can a wrong driver be loaded or would it not be accepted by the system.
I wont touch the BIOS as now I understand why its updated.

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