BIOS and HDD's

  Rob07 11:03 03 Feb 2003

I have an older A-Bit motherboard which supports 333 Celeron CPU and Award Bios. I have recently bought a 40g hard drive and of course can't access the full size, only 9+gigs through Win Me. I understand that I could flash the bios but having been first to the mobo website, which I found very confusing, I then looked through the PCA helproom and it looks like a rather risky business, others having cooked their mobo's. Can anyone tell me if if I can access this larger Hard Drive and if there is any alternative to flashing the bios.

  BrianW 12:15 03 Feb 2003

One way of doing it would be to make 5 partitions each of 8 gig. Non-scary (but maybe wouldn't meet you need?)

  Elrond 12:30 03 Feb 2003

What make HDD is it? Some now have a utility that sort of bypasses the BIOS and lets the full drive be recognised. Maxtor drives have EZ_Bios and i used that on me dad's PC and everythings been fine.

You don't say which manufacturers hard disk you have? but you can set the drive size with a Disk Manager ie for an IBM HD goto
click here
otherwise go to the your manufacturers hard disk web site to see what disk managers they have for your model.

The Disk Manager will set the BIOS to recognise the drive and means no messing about with trying to flash it. Then you should boot again with
the Disk Manager, which should then be able to partition and format the drive to it's full size, and will install the Dynamic Drive Overlay on the
drives Master Boot Record, which will allow Windows to see the full size of the drive. You can then partition it if you wan or leave it at it's full size

  Rob07 13:28 03 Feb 2003

The HDD I have is Western Digital and it did have a disc included "Data Lifeguard". I followed the instructions through but at the end of the process could still only access 10g of the disc so I assumed, from the manuals information, that I would have to upgrade the BIOS. I will certainly go through the process again in case I missed something. (At present I have infact partitioned the disc as BrianW suggested but it's rather cumbersome.

  cream. 13:45 03 Feb 2003

You also have the option to fit a pci controller card. This would give you 2 extra IDE channels. It will also let your hard drive run at the full ATA setting and recognize your hard disks full capacity.

Down side; about £20.

  Rob07 14:20 03 Feb 2003

Thanks TVI that sounds like a safer option and less expensive than a new mobo. A couple of extra channels might also come in useful.
Just visited the Western Digital site and found it much more user friendly than ABit's site.

  PAE 20:57 03 Feb 2003


See if your BIOS is set to AUTO for HDD. I have a MSI Mobo and am running a 30Gb HDD (Maxtor). I have it partitioned but one of them is 20GB

  Ironman556 21:06 03 Feb 2003

You can get around it by installing a disk manager which you may be able to get fropm western digital, email them and see what they suggest. I've just overcome this problem with the help of technical spport from Seagate. I had to download a program from them which booted my computer and then let me update the MBR to load a program on boot up so that Win can use the full disk. Good luck.

  Rob07 10:51 18 Feb 2003

Went back to my local "computer superstore for advice! They told me that a controller card would not be the answer. But I have now solved the problem and just got back on line, so thank you all for your suggestions and help.

  DieSse 12:11 18 Feb 2003

Please tell everybody how you solved the problem - for future reference.

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