BIOS flash seems to have failed :(

  Kate B 17:57 07 Feb 2007

Using the Asus flash utility, we duly flashed the bios via XP. That seemed to go fine, but the PC won't now boot - not even into the bios. No motherboard beeps, though power, light, fans etc all running fine.

Any suggestions?


  SANTOS7 18:03 07 Feb 2007

New BIOS chip you have probably rendered yours USELESS!!!

click here

the link may help...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 07 Feb 2007

Second flash failed today, why did you flash? Only flash BIOS to overcome serious problems.

try remove CMOS battery and hope the BIOS will reset to default.

  Kate B 18:09 07 Feb 2007

Nvidia told me to flash the bios so that the Vista install would see my Raid array :( :( :(

  SANTOS7 18:13 07 Feb 2007

BIOS flashing of any description should only be done
in, what i should call a "sterile environment" which basically means NO CHANCE of interferance of any kind..

  Kate B 18:22 07 Feb 2007

PHEW!!! Resetting the CMOS has done the trick.

*wipes sweat from brow*

  ed-0 18:27 07 Feb 2007

" but the PC won't now boot - not even into the bios."

Pull everything out. i.e. hard drives, cdroms, floppy, all but one stick of ram. All the pci cards. Clear the cmos via jumper or battery, as per Fruit Bat /\0/\.

See if it will just post. If it does, use your backup bios to get to where you were. Set it to boot from floppy first, place the backup bios in and load the file.

You did make a backup of the bios, didn't you?

If it won't post after that. It's a new bios chip, if the motherboard one is a detachable one or a new mobo:-(

  SANTOS7 18:27 07 Feb 2007

Lukcy lukcy, Kate B glad you up n running a lesson to be learnt..

  ed-0 18:27 07 Feb 2007

I didn't refresh. Thats good news.

have you got the backup handy in case you need it?

  Kate B 18:37 07 Feb 2007

We're now installing Vista and it saw my Raid setup which is all good :) :)

  rodriguez 18:46 07 Feb 2007

Some boards have a backup of the BIOS in case the main one gets corrupted. When I flashed my BIOS, there was also an option to save the original to a floppy which I did. Most of the time when you flash the BIOS, all goes well - I even changed the 2 second splash screen to a pic of me (I wouldn't recommend trying this as it requires you to extract and reinsert the image into the BIN file with a tool). However on most new boards, if a BIOS update goes wrong it can usually be recovered.

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