Bios Flash For MSI Motherboard K7 Pro -MS6195

  Shikaree 16:52 03 Sep 2009

Hi Folks,

I want to upgrade my Bios so my Motherboard will recognise the Full 250GB new Hard Drive.

I have gone into MSI Website and have noticed that there is an Upgrade, MSI K7 Bios 1.5

My OS is XP Pro

Please advise.



  Stuartli 18:42 03 Sep 2009
  Shikaree 19:05 03 Sep 2009

Hi Stuartli,

I went out today to purchase the PCI - IDE Hard Drive Adaptor. But no computer shop seems to stock this.

I was told to get this and plug the New hard Drive into this instead of the Motherboard.

Have you heard of this?

Going to have a look at your Links



  Stuartli 20:03 03 Sep 2009

Why do you need such an adapter?

  Shikaree 20:39 03 Sep 2009


So that my Motherboard will see the full 250GB hard drive

  cream. 22:16 03 Sep 2009

What size of the hard drive does XP see. 130GB?

Right click my computer, manage , disk management. Right click the unallocated space and make new partition. Follow the wizard and you will get the rest of the drive in a partition.

What service pack are you running with xp pro.

  Stuartli 00:05 04 Sep 2009

If you have a Seagate/Maxtor drive, you can use DiskWizard to format and partition the disk (download free from the Seagate website).

This also includes the facility to ensure the drive can utilise a higher default of 137GB.

It's similar to Windows Disk Management, but is specifically aimed at the firm's hard drives.

Most hard drive manufacturers will offer a similar tool.

  Shikaree 19:21 04 Sep 2009

cream - XP sees 137.4GBs. I Formatted this Drive via Disk Management but when I went back after Formatting I saw no facility for New Partition.
With this New Western Digital (Green)Hard Drive it came with XP - SP3.

Stuartli - This New Hard Drive is Western Digital 250GB. I will check and see if they have some thing to offer.

  Stuartli 19:46 04 Sep 2009

I have a Western Digital 320GB hard drive (I've stuck with the brand over many years), use XP Pro and (just for interest) the Bios is the final one issued for my MSI KT6V motherboard in 2004.

The drive was configured using Partition Magic or DiskWizard for Windows, probably the latter.

  Shikaree 21:01 04 Sep 2009

Yes, I too have been with Western Digital for a very long time. They seem to be the best, have had no problems. I have been looking for Acronis Disc Director. If I can get this it will solve all my problems. No Retail shops seem to stock it. I have Acronis True Image Ver9, I think.

There is a update Bios for my Motherboard, I think in 2004 too. But I'm scared to download it on to my Hard drive in case something goes wrong.

  cream. 21:15 04 Sep 2009

In disk management, don't you have unallocated space to the right of the C drive?

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